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Desc:I'm kind of sad we didn't get this in America
Category:Video Games
Tags:it owns
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Thatcher Pennywhistle
We do get this in America, you can buy it off Xbox LIVE right now.
Zhou Fang
Yeah, but is the intro the same? Dammit I gotta go buy this now...

Yeah me too. Thanks for the info Thatcher. Bionic Commando was my favorite game.

I don't think this is the intro, it's the preview trailer for the game, and yes it was used to promote the game in the US. The actual game in both the US and Japan uses a slightly modified/updated version of the original Bionic Commando intro. It actually is surprisingly good, too. They basically took the original game and updated it, but removed some things and replaced them with better stuff. The graphics, obviously, are dramatically upgraded and they re-did the health/lives system so that the game is now no longer hellishly frustrating and actually playable. Very worth it.

wicked. That's exactly what I wanted to hear. Now, just waiting for this workday to end.

But does it still have Hitler's exploding head? Goddamn better.

Hold On! Super Joe!

Those were vaguely homoerotic lyrics.

Oh, there's a new Invincible Spencer now?
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