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Category:Stunts, Horror
Tags:2 girls 1 cup, 2girls1cup, Axelswife, mobius syndrome, i saw you laughing!
Submitted:Albuquerque Halsey
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Comment count is 26
is she really talking? are those teeth real? she looks like a puppet talking
at first I though she was some horrid CGI creation

Probably the first time a reaction video turns out to be more difficult to watch than than 2girls itself.
I'd give you five stars for stealing my comment, but my comment isn't worth five stars.

Stupid Lisa Garbage Face
i've never seen someone talk without closing their mouth before. it never closes. neveeeeeerr dear god why won't it close.
the sync makes it even stranger

Syd Midnight
The sync is surreal.. it looks like a bad dub. I kept watching those teeth thinking "How the hell did she just pronounce the letter P? HOW?"

I'd like to see a disgruntled deaf person try to lip read her in an argument.

sexy at first then shit
excellent use of a möbius syndrome tag
I had this video muted and was listening to "Zero 2 Phantom" by Deshead, and I think that improved the surrealism of it.
Reaction is a strong word for what her face is doing here.
That is... god... that face is simply...

So terrifying.
ok....this is fake.
you can't say people without closing your mouth.
You can learn to do anything when you can't move your fucking lips.

I've seen a fair number of deformed people, but none that so perfectly inhabited the Uncanny Valley.
Did the ugly chinese girl do the vocals for this, too?
read the youtube comments if you haven't yet guys
needs an "irony" tag.
I'm as morbidly fascinated by this girl's videos as everyone else, but I actually find reading the comments on YouTube (and her personal site) to be rather heartbreaking: 9 out of 10 people just respond her to say "YOUR UGLY" or "KILL YOURSELF" or "I WANT FUCK UR ASSHOLE." This girl's certainly a bit weird even without the Mobius Syndrome, but she's certainly pretty brave.
a flaming monkey
More power to her!

"......until one day, when every video was a reaction from watching another one, all because two women once shat in a cup for drugs."

I feel shame for our future history books.
Pie Boy
that little final fantasy victory fanfare at the end
I lack the vocabulary to express my awe at the conceptual brilliance of a reaction video - to one of the most notoriously loathsome video clips in existence - made by a woman whose face is permanently frozen.

She reminds me of the person-sized puppets from Puppet Master 2, right at the end. Eloi, eloi, etc.

Syd Midnight
You can still hear emotion in her voice though. And at 4:37 she manages to look authentically disgusted.


It is the ne plus ultra of "Me too!"

... she makes me want to scream in mortal terror. Literally.
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