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Desc:Rats cause a commotion in Kentucky. The man seen at 1:28 may or not not be getting arrested.
Category:News & Politics, Pets & Animals
Tags:rats, black people, kentucky, freaking out right now, smell like poop
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Comment count is 13
BOODA BOODA BOODA BOODA BOODA BOODA....I ain't goin back there... people are becoming dumber every day.
"Budha". The guy is a veggie Buddhist: http://www.veggiebuddhists.com/

It's pronounced, "bud-HAH" please. Master Seagal says so.

Garoooossss. I had a house like that next to mine, abandoned, and when people moved in the rats migrated to-- yeah, you guessed it. Hell of a summer. Did you know rats scream before they die?
+5 for the existence of the guy at :22
this has to be the least professional news story ever. it watches like a babel fish translation of a CNN news article from english to chinese, to english again.
Jeff Fries
I like the ZOOM into some weeds

At the end, for a second I thought she said "race street."

That would've been something.

Oh, needs "smells like poop" tag.
Oh wait. It does.


She did say Race Street, read the captions.

I grew up in Lexington and Race Street is EXACTLY what you think it would be.

Also good at 1:28: the expression of the police officer. "You sure it's not your job sir?
Stupid Lisa Garbage Face
Dear news: please hire all of these people on the spot and include their comments on every news story from now on. thanks
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