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Desc:Then showboats like I've never seen. Way to go!
Category:Sports, Humor
Tags:donkey kong, victory, Usain Bolt, Showboating, Olypics
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Comment count is 19
That was showboating?
Billy Buttsex
I do not believe he understands what showboating means

Damnit! I had so many clips of this guy open on youtube trying to find the Olympics one I copied the wrong URL when I submitted it...


Hugo Gorilla
That's some natty good running, mi key.
Yeah, I don't see any showboating in this clip.
I'm amazed at the man's amount of showboating-restraint, given what he just accomplished.
Tell you what rocketblender, you go ahead and train until you can beat his time and then you can set a better example by showing respect and restraint. Until then, stfu.
Yeah, that's pretty much what I was getting at.

This isn't from the Olympics. Some other meet.

In the Olympics he was already celebrating with 20 meters to go, looking around, pounding his chest and doing the "What now, you slow motherfuckers!" thing with his arms. With 20 meters to go. And he STILL broke the world record and blew away the competition.

He is a cocky son of a bitch. I love him.
Billy Buttsex
Look at all those people who flew from around the globe to see someone run really fast.
Space shuttles are faster.
Michael Johnson's second 100 in his record-setting 200 (19.32 s) in 1996 was faster, too. 19.32 / 2 = 9.66 s, so necessarily he has run 100 m faster than Usain Bolt, and as I recall his first 100 is around 10.1 or 10.2, so his second 100 was a good half-second faster than anyone else.

So the statement that 9.71 is faster than any human being has run 100 m is wrong.

erection reset by queer
This is a joke, right? It has to be.

This is important, God damn it! This is a fucking true story!
It's technically correct, which is the best kind of correct.

Sean Robinson
How fast was Bolt going when he began his 100M compared to how fast Michael Johnson was going as he began the second half of his 200M run and how does this affect the time each man took to cover that distance. Show your work.

God, I hope Bolt destroys Johnson's 200M record. And then I hope someone spits in Johnson's face.

Given his last name is BOLT, I think he chose the right career path.
-1 because it is the wrong clip. I'm going to try to find a clip from the women's 100m, because the Jamaicans swept that. The girl who won ALSO had time to look around and start celebrating before the finish line.

I want to know what they've been doing down there, that they're able to run a ten second race and have time to look around, realize they're winning, and start celebrating in the last two or three seconds.
Big Name Celebrity
If no one gets hit, it's not a real sport. Fuck NBC's Olympics coverage.

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