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Artist:Scarlett Johansson
Desc:I heard bad things about her Waits cover album. I had no idea it was this bad.
Category:Music Videos, Showtunes - Vocal Standards
Tags:Tom Waits, cover, terrible, Abortion, BAD IDEA
Submitted:Colonel Cowlung
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Comment count is 20
She's pretty...
Pretty bad.


This deserves to be deleted (from reality). She is destroying my hero.
and this is unbearable. I can no longer ever get an erection over this lady ever again. I hate the world.
Not...BAD per se; she sings well enough. Just the way this is done, it completely misses the point of the original.
Apparently, just having nice tits doesn't mean you can sing well!
C. Eloi Marx
5 stars of pure shit! Even Jobriath has nothing on this level of unadulterated masturbatory garbage. She obviously chose Tom Waits covers to deflect criticism of her voice, it has obviously not worked.

Scarlett Johansson is to music as Monster A Go-go is to cinema: not even enjoyable on an ironic level.
oh my god. i couldnt even watch this... 18 seconds is already too much awful for me
Her voice needs some compression, autotune, and a really good sound engineer. Or she could just sing Gunga Din songs.
Siobhan Duffy (from Gunga Din) could sing circles around Johanson. But granted, that ain't saying much. I am also biased, I've known her for 20 years.

Calamity Jon
All counting the beats in the rhythm, all swaying left to right in time, all concentrating so hard on hitting the beat that there's no inflection or evocative interpretation of the song, all sucking, all being awful at it, all getting to do this album because she sucks cocks in elevators and shit. Five stars.
what a horrible idea. she butchered this song... and her voice.. it grates on my ears.
is this one of those shred videos?
that's not really her singing is it?

nobody is that bad.

(i love the two waits versions of this song)
The funny thing is most of her other songs actually DO have all the overproduction and everything needed to make her sound decent, so this song is unusual in that there's nothing over her voice at all.
i couldn't karaoke this worse
for her awesome boobs
+5 for the abortion, BAD IDEA tags, and of course her sweet sweet rack.
There goes that crush.
erection reset by queer
5-stars terrible.
Like Tom Waits sounds any better.
He does.

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