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Desc:I will be poorer!
Tags:James Bond, 007, Homeless James Bond
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Comment count is 23
Rodents of Unusual Size
I would watch two hours of this.

In a heartbeat.

j lzrd / swift idiot

j lzrd / swift idiot
Also faved and another 5 phantom stars for "Then I'd just be... unemployed."

This shouldn't have been as funny as it is.

I'm glad the channel101 guys are finally getting paid. actually i'm not.
Sean Robinson
Their show was cancelled by cunts very much like YOU.

Sean Robinson
And also because it was on at like 11 p.m. on Friday and I had shit to do.

or because maybe you could just go on the internet and watch it whenever you wanted, if you still found the jokes funny after four years of the same "what if we did x but with 0 budget and some dick sucking in it and a reference to Jackson Brown."

I don't see you making dick sucking videos.


all you have to do is ask.
and you don't have to channel101 doctrine me young man. "oh yeah well just make you own." maybe i do make my own. I'm still entitled to be burnt out on The Channel 101 Movement, one of the most important artistic movements of our generation, if not the only artistic cinematic movement of the 21st century, which is really depressing actually.

these men were dead to me at yacht rock. their bloated corpses filled my internet with stink. i watched them drive around town in jack black and i poo pooed their decadence.

Sean Robinson
But the problem I have is I don't give a shit that you are mewling at TV about your own failure and have now decided that maybe I would like to listen to your cries.


I don't really think anyone can complain about Channel101 on a site that five stars Zero Punctuation routinely every week. I love poeTV, but c'mon, there are better places to pick your battles.


this isn't a battle. i'm being a meta-critic.


also sean robinson YOU JUST SHUT YOUR MOUTH.

Speaking of jaded, boy is meta a term I wish people would stop throwing around. If it wasn't already obnoxious, Ben Stiller screaming about it in his Tropic Thunder promo surely must have been the breaking point.


I was using it in a meta way.

It's not cut with puddle water or urine, whoah!
"That makes cents."
Very clever as always, Mr. Bond.
Though as far as I could tell be brought back the cart in one piece, which is very un-Bond.

-1 for not being quite as good as the first episode.
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