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Desc:Nature is kind of an asshole.
Category:Nature & Places, Pets & Animals
Tags:deer, om nom nom, nature is a cruel mistress, komodo dragon, eaten alive
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Comment count is 15
Did you know that there is a 'nature is a cruel mistress' tag?

I'm not convinced of that deer's 'live'-ness.
good call

"live" aka tranquillized, or bludgeoned over the head until near dead.

unless it was meant "live" as in "live and in color!".

Dr. Lobotomy
Isn't that the Komodo's Dragon MO? Biting once to leave a highly infected wound and waiting for it to kill/weaken its prey?

the deer had likely been bitten previously, and was in some sort of septic shock at that point.

Dr. Lobotomy:
Yes. Komodo dragons have a biological arsenal festering in their mouths at all times.

Nature is terrifying.

That's the happiest I've seen a lizard since the last time Karl Rove got a handjob.
...and you were there to witness this?

Oh, that deer is running through strawberry fields right now. It doesn't care. We should all be so lucky!

... so... lucky as to be eaten alive by a Komodo dragon. Yes. That will do nicely.
Somewhere, right now, Billy Bob Thorton is watching this video and freaking the fuck out.
I find it particularly disturbing that the deer is attempting to orient towards the pain when the dragon bites it around 0:54. Though I'm no vet, this is probably a sign that it is not as comatose as we'd like it to be.
"Hay, that deer is still alive. That one over there with a massive hole in its back."
"HAY, now it's being eaten alive! The pain must be intollerable!"

"Where's my video camera?"

It's always fun to go to the Jakarta Zoo and watch the Komodo Dragons at play.

A lot of the teenagers taunt them by leaning over the rails to spit on them and drop garbage into their pit. I look forward to the day when one of them slips and falls.
That deer must've done something wrong to get his ass chewed out like that.
Syd Midnight
This is the chapter in "Last Chance to See" where I get depressed and have to stop reading.
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