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Desc:Spikebravo is the Other because he hasn't been paying his rent.
Category:Educational, Horror
Tags:Parasites, slumlord, spikebravo, pseudointellectuals, the occult
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Comment count is 12
dementomstie - 2008-08-19
why does this guy think this video helps him? I'm confused as the receptionist about why he's recording it. Why was it posted when it only makes him look like an idiot?
baleen - 2008-08-19

He will go home and weave occult spells to make him victories.

chumbucket - 2008-08-19
ummm why won't he just pay July instead of August? guy must love lawyers...oh and why didn't he ask if Roxanne was single? That's all we really wanted to know here.

gotterdamm - 2008-08-19
If I where rich, I would buy every crazy person a camcorder and direct them to YouTube.
nubilus - 2008-08-19
This guy is slowly filling the void demoniusx once held in my soul. He changes his facade almost every month. One month he'll look like a retired school teacher struggling with chemo, the next he'll look like a crack addled Chris Elliot.
I discovered on one of his 166 videos that he changed his name IRL to "Nick Bravo" so it would sound more appealing to acting scouts. The closest thing this guy would ever get to fame is Todd Solodnz using him as a character piece acted out by Paul Giamatti.
baleen - 2008-08-19

He really is a Giamatti character study in action. There really couldn't be anyone else that could play this guy.

Dinky Patterson - 2008-08-19
2:32: "I am not a deadbeat of any kind."
sheikurbouti - 2008-08-19
I only want to see the face that makes that voice. ...actually I want a room full of Chuck Close-style paintings of the face that makes that voice.
baleen - 2008-08-19

It's on the front page this week. He's got 167 vids or so of his crazy face bein crazy.

sheikurbouti - 2008-08-19
Lan sakes, yer right!

a flaming monkey - 2008-08-19
This is amazing.
heyitslozeau - 2008-08-21
300 dollar rent? shit. I hope his apartment is much shittier than mine.
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