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Desc:Comedy can be a harsh mistress
Category:Humor, None
Tags:comedy, black people, unfunny, trying too hard
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Comment count is 19
Half of these guys are stoned .. the other half are just retarded.
I love how he blames the audience for his bombing but should have stopped as soon as he walked off. The guy piling on after was pointless.
Rodents of Unusual Size
5 stars for the guy at the end and his improv skills
Lesson 1: Don't tell the audience not to boo.
You know everyone in the audience was saying, "If you wanted a nice chest, why didn't you augment your praying time with some working out?"

The moment he drug out the man-titties bit, you know most of the room sighed collectively. I'm surprised it's not audible on the video.
All my stars are for "category: humor-none."
Creative use of tags and categories is always awesome. Extra stars though for "everyone with fingerprints make some noise"

Heh, it was totally unintentional!

I wasn't sure if this guy was really a comedian for a while. I thought he was like a pastor at some church camp or some shit, until he actually said they were jokes. Man.
Well, there's a sure recipe for comedy success: complain about booing for a solid minute, then TELL THE AUDIENCE THAT YOU ARE FUNNY.

In fact, I think he should take this a step further. Don't even make jokes, just tell everyone that he is a very funny man and that they should all laugh because he is there.
In the hands of a good comedian, heckling can be the best part of an act.

I am addicted to watching people fail at comedy now.
In all honesty, this kind of thing is really hard for me to watch. I feel the exact opposite of schadenfreud whenever I see something like it.

Rodents of Unusual Size
I have to admit I'm the same way. I couldn't take watching the guy bomb on Dane Cook's Tourgasm, but then I couldn't take anything else about Dane Cook either.


I love seeing utterly empty people destroyed by their own ambitions. It's clearing the stage for actually talented people.

no no no
.......did he really tell the audience not to boo?
Joey The Cobra
When your comedian starts his set off by praising god it's probably a sign to leave.

nigga ain't gonna get no pussy tonight hell naw

what did the second guy originally intend to do if the first didn't bomb?
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