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Desc:Obama calls McCain out in a new speech.
Category:News & Politics
Tags:mccain, obama, election 2008, rich, Elitist
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Comment count is 19
Well this nicely fills in the gaps left by that Seven ad.
With the polls neck and neck, and both parties' conventions ahead, expect for this to be merely the opening salvo.
McCain is going to keep hammering away with "celebrity" charge, so if Obama is going to win he needs to go nuclear with the (more accurate) charge that McCain is an out-of-touch Bush repeat.

Also, the polls are going to be all over the place for the next few weeks with the conventions, and running mate announcements, so I'd advise everyone ignore them until about a week after the GOP convention.

Oh, also, Politico just reported that McCain owns EIGHT properties, not seven.

The best way they could play this is if they too keep getting the number wrong, as if NOBODY truly knows how many houses John McCain has.

It doesn't matter. Here's what your debates will look like:

-Obama: Today I want to talk about

- McCain: I'll tell you this in a man's voice: Fuck Off.

- Obama:

- McCain: get assbojangled.

- Obama: Fiscal politics, sustainable energy, foreign policy, change. That's what we

- McCain: we were stationed at Khe Sahn when I got this mission, a VC tax collector. i crept up on the little gook bastard and cut his throat.. tsssss hissing arterial spray makinga rainbow in the afternoon sunlight.. LZ was hot but

- Obama: I'm quitting this guild and taking my 10 plat with me!

- McCain: i can do no wrong. i'm a POV. i cheated on my crippled wife. but i'm no ELITIST *thunderous applause*

McCain only gained a little traction with the celebrity thing. His new line is the patriotism angle, all while squealing that he's not attacking Obama's patriotism. But that's what's done Obama the most damage.

It's very important to note now that this issue has been opened that McCain's wife is a millionaire. McCain himself doesn't have finances that are terribly impressive for your average senator/congressman/whathaveyou because he has been funneling his wife's money. He made a big issue out of making his tax returns public and challenging Obama to do so, but his wife has flatly refused to make her tax returns public, most likely because it would lead to deeper looks into how much campaign finance fraud he has been engaging in. Some of it is already known, like using her money to pay for campaign travel arrangements and then claiming the campaign itself is not spending the money, but god knows how deep it really goes.
Also don't forget that Mr. "Lobbyist Fighter" has allied himself directly with several lobbyists in his campaign, has been getting extensive donations, and even made a town hall speech where he bemoaned the closing of a plant and the loss of jobs when the job loss was directly because of a foreign business takeover that his own campaign manager was directly responsible for.
Provide something in the way of proof or substantiation and you might give POETV a comment worth reading.

Not that I'm saying it's untrue, but I'd like to see where you're getting it all from. I don't put it past him to pull stunts like that, but it seems like such blithe lawbreaking should have produced an explosive scandal.

Well, first link on Google gave me this:
http://www.time-blog.com/swampland/2008/08/mccain_and_the_dhl_ deal.html

And then this:
http://thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/05/10/mccain-plane-sti ll-flying/
Regarding the issue of McCain using his wife's plane for campaign travel.

Yes, they are blogs, but those are just casual links from first search...there's a surprising bit of links and info out there, but the media is still stuck on obsessing on McCain as some sort of painfully honest man who cannot do wrong, so these things are usually given this "BUT WE ALL DO THIS STUFF!" dismissal.

And why would ANYTHING McCain do create an explosive scandal? The media have been insulating McCain from the get go. There are cracks showing through here and there (even from surprising places like Fox), but overall, McCain is under that weird, Bush-inspired force field of immunity where virtually nothing gets the attention of the public. I mean, we are talking about an America where Obama was seriously hammered by journalists for NOT WEARING AN AMERICAN FLAG PIN, when McCain nor any of the people who made it an issue wore one either.

Rodents of Unusual Size
There are a lot of McCain supporters that refuse to see anything negative when it's right there, so I'm hoping that Obama steps it up a notch and clarifies exactly what a shriveled hearted, insane, doddering, out of touch, festering bag of maggots McCain is.

Only, you know, in prettier language.
Caminante Nocturno
Oh my God, this black person is going to slaughter that poor old man.
At first all McCain could do was drag Obama's points down with the patriotism attacks. Now he's finally crept back within the margin of error. I'm hoping, and guessing however, that once the debates come around, McCain's going to get creamed because he can't talk as pretty or as smart or as soulfully or as not-evilly.

Mike Tyson?!
No way.

Everybody piled on him while he was vacationing in Hawaii, but now he has a reason to hit back hard - and hopefully he's going to.
Back in '04 I saw half the cars driving around with Kerry or Bush stickers on their vehicles. This time around (and it seriously feels 10 years later) I have seen plenty of Obama stickers and 1 single McCain sticker, on my arrogant conservative Navy vet friend's car. Just sayin'.
Talking about the issues!
For real. Enough with pointing out how McCain's tax plans focus on helping the top 1% and his out-of-touch perceptions of our economic obstacles.

Lets get Paris Hilton and Britney back into the mix again!

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