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Desc:A white bigot's head is grafted onto a black convict's body. Will they learn to get along?
Category:Classic Movies, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:racism, 1970s, grindhouse, Blaxploitation, b Movie
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Comment count is 22
baleen - 2008-08-22

This is the highest concept that's ever been.
Cleaner82 - 2008-08-22
I want to see the black guy shoot the white guy and walk around for a half hour with a corpse head on his shoulder looking for someone to get it removed. It could represent the... dichotomy... of... the nature of man... hell, I just want to see it.

zatojones - 2008-08-22
FOUR counties?!
Keefu - 2008-08-22
I am so glad they took this unwilling black guy and white guy partnership concept into the serious action/drama realm of film like it deserves.
kennydra - 2008-08-22
I never would have believed it if I hadn't seen it.

Here, on PoETV.
Rudy - 2008-08-22
I've seen it. It's better than you could ever imagine.

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2008-08-23
Yeah, seconding this statement.

dementomstie - 2008-08-22
Guilty ONLY of his bigotry and hate?
cognitivedissonance - 2008-08-22
I've seen it. And I was forced to look away as it melted the Nazis who dared to disturb its rest. It was... beautiful.
Poor Excuse - 2008-08-22
The white guy was pissed, that is until he got a look at his new package.
Camonk - 2008-08-28
He also found out that he liked girls with big asses now, too.

Desidiosus - 2008-08-22
Maybe they could graft McCain's head onto Obama's body and we could vote for both of them!
garcet71283 - 2008-08-22
Bipartisanship that works!

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2008-08-23
At the very least, it would make McCain more interesting!

Daymage - 2008-08-22
Yes, please.
athodyd - 2008-08-22

2: I think Kids In Tracksuits sampled a promo for this movie for one of their songs.
Stupid Lisa Garbage Face - 2008-08-22
"Ray Milland and Rosy Grier as HELP, SHUTUP!"
Ranma X. - 2008-08-23
5 stars for Rosey Grier.
Scurrie - 2008-08-24
Each trying desperately to gain full control of the BLACK body they share.
DrVital - 2008-08-24
By seeing this you will now get 5% more references in every MST3K episode.
oogaBooga - 2008-09-02
Holy shit they just went there.
kingofthenothing - 2010-03-05
It's so bad, so awful, especially the parts where they're on a bike and you can clearly tell it's just two guys sitting really close to each other, like when they hit the bump and one guy separates from the other - and the car crashes, man. Why does the hood fly off the police car before it lands? Just boom, there goes the hood, GTA 3 style. I must now make it my purpose to track this movie down and watch it at least once a year on a day that will be known as "The Thing With Two Heads Viewing Day". It will be my own personal holiday.
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