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Desc:Generally considered to be one of the worst television shows ever conceived.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:comedy, Krofft, variety show, Pink Lady, Jeff Altman
Submitted:Hugo Gorilla
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Comment count is 20
Jeff Fries
The best Channel 101 show ever IMO
are you baiting me?

sexy round eyes

Needs more Bob Saget.
And here I thought that Puffy AmiYumi cartoon was not the first time Japan tried to shove its annoying pop starlets up America's ass.

it's like robin williams without the coke
Well that was a concept that was just a head of its time, obviously
Syd Midnight
30 years ahead of its time, to be precise. I can't see this mess going over well in 98, much less 78, but it somehow seems perfect for 08.

She's got 'Round Eye Fever'.
I think the only way I made it through the 70s without killing myself was by being a little kid.
Being an adult in the late 80's to mid-90's was probably more fun than being a kid, though. But at least us kids had Ducktales.

Come to think of it, Scrooge McDuck's eyes were HUGE. They took up like 3/4ths of his head. Pink Lady would probably take one look and try to rape him.


The cool thing about being an adult in those days is you could just shit all over the place like it was the 50's and not give a goddamn shit about anything. You could just wait until the oil prices were shit low and buy shit and do coke and who cares, everyone was going into rehab at the same time so it was like a post-Vietnam cleansing ritual.

Syd Midnight
Also, Ralph Nader was still concentrating on auto safety instead of general consumer safety, so you could buy the most awesome fucking toys.. just incredibly kickass shit like jarts and crossbows and authentic cap guns.

The one I wanted was this realistic Thompson submachine gun, with real wooden furniture. You kept your caps in the detachable magazine. That would get you shot today, but back then toy stores had a whole wall of fucking excellent metal-and-wood cap guns. I had 2, a Beretta and a Mauser, and a set of jarts. Hell, you could rob a bank with all that.

Also candy with dubious preservatives and artificial sweeteners, and cereal that was 90% sugar and 10% marshmallow.


Specifically considered one of the greatest television shows ever conceived.
This could win an award for most overused laugh track ever. They were hitting the giggle button every single time he paused, even when it wasn't even a joke.
Sexy round eyes.

Ken Lee.

Brought to you by ... Cocaine!
Testicles of Doom
This clip ended at the PERFECT moment.
Ladies and gentlemen, Rupert Pupkin!
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