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Desc:NSFW, shows Vic Morrow being killed in a freak helicopter crash
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Classic Movies
Tags:Twilight Zone, Vic Morrow, helicopter crash
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"you tend to forget there's real human beings there, and that's bad...."

Caminante Nocturno
John Landis is an asshole.
Geoff Marr

Well, the parents of both kids that dies along with him were given 2m compensation each. Fucken-A!


I dont recall if this scene, or an altered version, actually went into the move? Haven't seen this movie in ages.
Corman's Inferno
The segment has a freeze-frame right before the chopper hits.

In the film, this scene was completely cut out, but the whole segment still remains in the film.

What was really the tragedy behind this scene was that it was so fucking uneccessary and just this dumb, big budget bullshit. They had already filmed plenty of footage for the Vic Morrow sequence, including a segment in Vietnam, but someone somewhere (Landis, maybe?) was like "CAN'T HAVE ANYTHING ON FILM TO DO WITH VIETNAM WITHOUT LOTS OF FUCKING EXPLOSIONS AND HELICOPTERS" despite the fact this scene was totally out of character for the Twilight Zone story it was based on. So, even after the accident, they still had plenty of footage to make a good remake out of that original story, and you begin to understand how pointless this whole fucking stunt was.

Syd Midnight
And yet, the best scene in the movie took place in the front seat a car. Great flick all in all, but.. ya wanna see something REALLY scary?

This is not a remake of any original TZ story. There are a few original stories that deal with bigotry and a few that deal with role-reversals during war, but if this is a remake, then "Mad Max" is a remake of "Time Enough at Last".

I used the term "based on." It was indeed based on A Quality of Mercy, albeit jazzed up and made more complex. The intention was to pay homage to that specific episode. So, yeah, it was based on it.

Really, really terrible. So - five stars.
Accidental helicopter crash that shreds man and children to pieces is really really terrible.

I'm amazed they gave the green light to release the film after this happened. Then again, it's Landis.
With Spielberg, Joe Dante, and George Miller. It wasn't just Landis's flick, after all. It does surprise me somewhat that they didn't cut the Landis segment. IMDB lists the flick at 101 minutes, surely they could have scrounged up enough trimmings from the other three bits to keep it at feature length.

Jeff Fries
This angle makes it much clearer to see exactly what happened, but I could have done without the defense lawyer saying what effect the footage had on him.
Isn't the term they're looking for 'involuntary manslaughter'? I know, DETAILS.
This accident motivated a lot of new safety practices in the film industry. Such as not permitting child actors to be dragged through neck-deep water in screaming artificial wind while a real actual helicopter hovers ten feet above their heads.
Who knows what sorts of horrible accidents CGI helicopters will unleash upon the children of tomorrow.

Wait and none of you weepy vaginas who one-starred the Dale Earnhardt crash are gonna get on your weepy vagina soap box when three people die? Fucking ghouls!

Still man whoah that crash was fucked up.
Vic Morrow wasn't an American hero who drove a car real fast in a circle repeatedly.

Not an American hero?!? He was Sgt. Saunders in Combat!

Syd Midnight
It was the moustache. Only cops can pull off his kind of moustache.

It's not the death or the accident, it's the reporting and representation. If this one were titled 'Vic Morrow gets aHEAD in the movie industry' and had the description 'HAHhaha funniest clip evar!1' and the tags 'lol children dying!' it would get less stars.

Vic Morrow didn't have the US flag stenciled on his hood.
like any good american, the hood was removed at birth

Jeff Fries
Someone five this

Sudan no1
Nightmare fuel forever
You can see some chunks of people flying around just after the blades strike them and everything...
That would be the heads of Vic and one of the girls.

As you watch it over and over again, you become desensitized to it, uh, for good and for ill I think.

j lzrd / swift idiot
Well that sucks...
"freak helicopter crash" .. you misspelt "pretty much expected"
God damn.
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