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Desc:Report about the global elite getting together to have gay sex and perform satanic rituals
Tags:Gays, Bones, rituals, elites, skull
Submitted:Billy Buttsex
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I think we know what that skull-and-cutlass flag implies -- evil butt pirates. Hell-bent on penetrating our society in the roughest, most ungentlemanly ways possible.

... wait a minute, is that narrator Wilford Brimley?

Sorry, my spellcheck did that. That was supposed to read, ILLUMINEETUS.

I don't know why my spellcheck knows "illuminatus."

The Townleybomb
This is the faggiest goddamn thing I've ever seen.
Michael Houser
Was that a Nixon quote?

On a related note, I just wanna let you guys know that if you take Manowar's Warriors of the World on vinyl and play it at 45RPM instead of 33, it sounds like disco. Connect the dots........
The Townleybomb
If I learned anything at college, it was that that is true for a surprisingly large number of albums.

Syd Midnight
You can use the Chronotron plug-in for Winamp to speed it up without pitch-shifting. Most bands sound better at 1.5X speed. Also, 5 stars for that interesting fact, you couldn't pay me to pay attention to Alex Jones.

OK fellas. I go to the Grove regularly. Ive never been accosted by a gay porn star, heard of or taken part in any secret society gatherings, taken part in any strange ritual or sacrifice, or felt that the men up there are planning a new world order. Here's how I see it........
A bunch of dudes (albeit most of them have a lot of money unless theyre musicians, artists, performers, etc) get together that appreciate nature, theater, lectures (although the talks by politicians tend to be rather droll), music (live rehearsed and improv based shows), good food, and the comradery that abounds the redwoods.
I'm the kind of person thats usually down with conspiracy theories, but Alex Jones (the guy who made the video) is extraordinarily inaccurate here.

Paid for by The Bohemian Grove Society (just kidding)
Psssst-- I don't think anybody here actually buys this crap. Except MAYBE Billy, but probably not even him.

But hey! At least it smoked out an honest to goodness Illuminati! GIT IM BOYS!!!

Syd Midnight
You ain't from around here, are ya?

When humans are being farmed for meat by the elite, you'll all wish you had listened to Alex Jones.
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