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Desc:a classic from wonder showzen
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:Wonder Showzen
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Comment count is 12
Menudo con queso
Meh, In Living Color and Chris Rock did that joke funnier.

*Moanbitchmoan, EVERYTHING was better in the 90s*
"Hey baby, you a sister?"
"No, I'm American."
"Goodbye Trish."
The Townleybomb
Holy fuck is this show ever painfully bad. +1 for Jesus eating popcorn, that was totally random lol
Ms. Vonscarlet
wondershowzen can be entertaining, but this just sucks. Ghod how I hate mtv.
I don't care what anybody says, Wonder Showzen was great.
Like for two minutes out of 30, it'd be funny. Unfortunately these are not two funny minutes.

ill try and post those two funny minutes later....I believe they were called...


The Beat Kids, Funny/Not Funny, kid-narrated docu-things and Clarence the annoying puppet bits could be okay, even hilarious at times. Anything with the puppets seemed to be trying waaaaaay too hard to be offensive.

So was Xavier: Renegade Angel. Every last frame.


i used to watch this show and then do it.

Wonder Showzen was amazing.

Goodbye Trish.
+3 for Electro Wizard Phiiliip
+2 for Black Jesus
-1 Because there are better Wondershowzen clips.
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