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Desc:A discussion on McCain's overuse of his POW history.
Category:News & Politics
Tags:mccain, election 2008, pow
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Comment count is 19
Someone please teach Buchanan what an inside voice is. Also, his reasoning was along the lines that McCain is able to trot out the POW stuff because he's a POW.

If McCain's status as a POW has left him too fucking shell shocked to have correct opinions about anything or remember details of his current life, it doesn't really inspire much confidence in me in regards to his ability to be president.
Therefore I will not be surprised if he chooses Chuck Norris as his running mate.
Biden v Norris is a VP debate I'd damn near pay to see.

It would have to be at least limited contact. A Norris V Biden with no physical strikes allowed would leave poor Norris sobbing on the floor.

Caminante Nocturno
This would have been fine conversation if it weren't for their need to talk over the whining asshole sitting on the far right.

Pat was talking about strategy. From what I have read, he is not looking forward to a McCain presidency.

Needs POW tag I suppose.

-1 for the douches panel.
I give Buchanan credit for trying to spin while surrounded by screaming Democratic party delegates. But Maddow schooled him.
Oh, Pat Buchanan, you angry little gnome.
That's just the way he talks. (Seriously. I'm not a Buchanan apologist.)

So, the guy's qualified to be president because he surrendered like a bitch? A real man would have fought to the death.
Damn I've gotta find me a nice prison camp somewhere
I'm quite glad they're talking about this, it seems like such a taboo.

The gnome is right, he does it because it works. Period.
Godard's Drinking Problem
That black man sounds like he's perpetually speaking mid-yawn.
Can you believe Michelle Obama's speech was SCRIPTED? I always thought the Democratic Convention was an improv festival.
Ha, wow. I used to have a level of vitriol for Pat Buchanan, and I am beginning to forget how I was ever able to take him seriously.
You could probably say the same for McCain if there wasn't a 50% chance he will be our next president.

Binro the Heretic
I wonder if he uses that defense on a daily basis.

"Sir, you can't leave without paying for that."

"Let me tell you, something...when I was a POW, I didn't have cheeseburgers. I didn't have any fries."
Ooh, are those apple pies? I didn't have apple pies either!!

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