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Submitted:Daniel Striped Tiger
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Comment count is 41
The worst variety show sketch ever, or the best porn intro ever?
Well since MadTV's shitty sketches never gave me a boner I'm going to have to go with the latter.

Very little of what is produced in Japan isn't in some way an intro to porn

There's no way that last ten seconds wasn't the intro to a porno.

So that happened.
j lzrd / swift idiot
Wait, what just happened?

I wonder if something to the leeks.
Innocent Bystander
no wait, WAIT! What happened next!?
Binro the Heretic
Are Internet memes breeding and producing hybrids now?
j lzrd / swift idiot
Seriously, the wide world of internet videos is being overrun by spawn of YouPoop.

"That'll be all for today. Thank you."
"Did I pass? ... Did I pass?" (as in an audition or test)
"Uh, the results will be announced later."
"I have another talent..."

So the latter, then.


Pretty good introduction to Japanese culture.
Sooo.... This was a 4chan meme that had a version done with that mascot for the synth singing voice which became a meme and is now a porn intro?

I am hanging my head in shame for not being lost at this.
I do wonder what Loituma thinks of this stuff.

five out of five for arousing me and using the leek as a phallic symbol.
I'm starting to understand that in Japan, people will watch someone do anything, regardless of what it is, and be entertained as long as that person is popular at the time. I could have this wrong though.
I guess that's all humans though. No need to be discriminatin.

This is actually a clip from a Japanese cosplay porn.

Although you probably already knew that, and if not, you probably hate me for telling you.
The pantyshot kinda gave it away...

In Japan a pantyshot is like a Disney musical number.

j lzrd / swift idiot
In Japan, Disney musical number pantyshots you! OH, what a country!

Robin Kestrel
Is that the back of Alberto Gonzales's head?
The girl represents the bill of rights

Watch till the end.

I found it most arousing when she looked sad. That's how you should feel when dressed like that.
No rape. I am disappointed with his video. It is a tease.
Caminante Nocturno
At 0:51, I greatly enjoyed the relatively generous panty shot.

At 0:59, she gave me a look that made me feel bad for doing so.
"What have I done. Fucking kill me. I mean, MUSHI MUSHI!!!"

Syd Midnight
I'm so unfamiliar with Japanese entertainment that at :51-:59 I was trying to follow the leek

I was thoroughly distressed by the facial expression change at :58-1:00, but then 1:05-1:07 made it all better.

I get the feeling that there were moments where this girl really started to regret what she'd gotten herself into

Goethe and ernie
I've never been to Japan, you could tell me that this is just a standard job interview, or a first date or something, and I would completely buy it. That's what I WANT to believe.
Hotness. I now am unable to ejaculate without the presence of a leek.
The song in the background is actually some kind of romanian folk song (though the actual song has no instruments, all vocalized).

I like that song. I like this video. Ejaculation commense.
Finnish folk song actually.

Gratuitous panty shots
Lies, lies, LIES!
They are never, ever gratuitous.

Not one moment of spinning in a video derived from an animation of a leek spinning.

This is like casting Topher Grace as Venom.
The God of Biscuits
-5 stars for boringness.
+10 stars for the ending.
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