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Desc:PSA: And now you know
Category:Short Films, Educational
Tags:Racist, racism, PSA, elevator, scared white women
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Comment count is 26
How does he know she's not just scared of short, well-dressed men with facial hair?
That little stuff happens a lot.

3 stars for this I guess.

Big Beef Burritos Supreme
in a word: smug
Hey, women do this to white guys too! Dumb gender hatin' bitches!
I demand midget tag.
The first time a white woman forces herself to relax in the presence of a black man he will steal her purse. This is the poetry of the universe.
Yes, this little video does handle the topic of racism, but quite not the way this guy intended I think.
Pretty sure this is intended to be comedy. Had me laughing anyway.

If a white woman doesn't clutch her purse it's a sign that she wants the big black cock.
Jeff Fries
If she clutches her purse it means she wants it so bad she can barely contain herself.


I'm a guy. I have a satchel bag. I step over to give you some fucking room. I hold my bag so it doesn't sway around and bump you. Sure, some people are doing this because OMG DARKIES, but some are POLITE.

It would've been a better video if he yelled "BOO" and got maced. Come on man, comedy brings races together.

Actually women clutch their purses when men enter an elevator because it's a convenient way to stick their elbows out and thereby take up an equal share of the space.

This is a science FACT!
it sort of takes away from your lesson about racism when you drop the word "bitch" more than a few times, even if this was a joke
Fuck you.

Billy Buttsex
This is stupid because:

1) If the woman doesn't start making eyes with the black guy in the elevator, he will think she's a racist. The woman is aware of this too, which makes her uncomfortable.

2) Nobody is afraid of a short, gay black man in a GODDAMNED SUIT

3) If we MUST go here, the DOJ says that 48.5 of all sexually assaulted women reported their offender to be black.


It's table 40.
Billy, you're a Republican. Right now you're afraid of ALL black men.

Nice delivery. Love it.

Glad I dont have a purse.
Yes, actually, it is.

King of Balls

A simple elevator fart would have been a much funnier reprisal.
Caminante Nocturno
They're trying to protect you from the purse!
Its impossible for a woman to be nervous about being trapped alone in an enclosed space with an angry man. It must be because he's black.

Following that; this guy threatens her with violence and calls her a bitch. It must be because she's a woman. The sexist bastard.
Would've actually worked if he was even average size (or if the chick wasn't gargantuan maybe) and just a little bit threatening/poor looking.
Lies, lies, LIES!
Always fun to see how jumpy POE is about racism.
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