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mouser - 2008-08-30

Thank you.

Severian - 2008-08-30

Holy shit the youtube comments.

Camonk - 2008-08-30

"In fact i encourage everyone to do something. Call major insurance companies asking them since your building a 50 story office building you were wondering since 9/11 if their fire premiums went up since fire is now a factor for full building failure. and post the phone call on youtube..... That would be CLASSIC!!!! LOL"

That's right up there with Prince Albert in a can.

GiantAtomicFreak - 2008-08-30

I think my favourite moment was where he describes that time some people flew a couple of planes into two of the largest skyscrapers in the world, resulting in a jet fuel fire that burnt uncontrolled for hours as "a regular office fire".

It's only a matter of time until all of our workplaces spontaneously explode.

fluffy - 2008-08-30

Also how the concept by which every thermometer has ever worked was a previously unknown property of the universe.

GiantAtomicFreak - 2008-08-30

"Thermometers"? Don't tell me you're one of those kooks.

Cleaner82 - 2008-08-30

Some sort of MYSTICAL DEVICE that tell you how warm it is with MAGIC GOOPY METAL. Right. Sure. Are you making this up as you go along or did THE MAN give you another dossier?

Baby Finster - 2008-08-30

Yes, but it needed more emphasis the issue of near-freefall gravitational speed.

Tom Collins - 2011-02-24

Yes. This sounds important.

Cleaner82 - 2008-08-30

Science? You call on your SCIENCE to save you? I laugh at your science! Nothing moves The Blob!

heyitslozeau - 2008-08-30

since when is a 747 smashing into your building a "regular office fire"?

erratic - 2008-08-30

not to agree with them, but they are talking about building 7. not 1 or 2

Severian - 2008-08-30

Wow! ae911truth.org claims 443 architecture and engineering professionals. Their movement is ballooning: once they convince another 10,000 - 20,000, they'll be able to claim 1% of their colleagues.

fermun - 2008-08-30

I'm fairly sure this video must be in response to building 7, which NIST released a report on 9 days ago. Building 7 DID collapse due to an ordinary office fire. Nearly every ordinary office fire I can think of starts with house-sized flaming debris from nearby skyscrapers destroying support columns on one side then igniting 91,000 liters of diesel fuel. The fact that this ordinary office fire caused the building to collapse afterward is very suspicious. I'm betting it was a controlled demolition. So controlled that they managed it without sounds of explosives or shattering of windows.

zatojones - 2008-08-30

or the presence of demolition explosives in the building

lordyam - 2008-08-30

call me old fashioned, but i think fire is magic and it scares me alot

craptacular - 2008-08-30

can one of you explain why you think the alternative theories to building 7 sound so hokey ?
however, i do agree that this video sucks.

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