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Desc:'It was duly noted that Hillary left 18 million cracks in the hardest glass ceiling in America.'
Category:News & Politics, Fashion
Tags:republicans, John McCain, women, gimmick, presidential race
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Needs 'gimmick' tag.
Done and done.

She seems ok. She might even do well debating Biden. Though I am a single issue voter, so I won't elect a pro-lifer into office. Well, also I avoid "devout" religious people... I am not a member of any religion, so I don't trust any of them. Also, she seems a little grating and annoying, but that shouldn't matter, because her political career is long and impressive. She was on a city counsel. Then she was a mayor of a city of OVER 8 thousand people. For 5 years! Then she was Governor of the LARGEST state... for almost TWO years!


I do think it's peculiar that Karl McRove thought that a ANWAR drilliing soccer mom Creationist would steal voted from Clinton Democrats, but she WAS second place in the Miss Alaska Beauty Pageant, so at least we don't have to look at John McCain's cottage cheese gizzard all the time.

How dare you sir. According to 2006 census, Alaska has 670000 people. 670000!!! I challenge you to find a state in America with more people with that!

The McCain people seem to really have bought into the idea that women will vote for any woman, regardless of her policy ideas or experience.

Listening to Republicans cheer for Hillary Clinton is pretty sweet, I gotta admit.

She had me until partway through the second clip when it became clear that she's reading a speach written by McCain's campaign.

It's like McCain's campaigners are stuck in the ending of "Being John Malkovich", except that, instead of saying "Malkovich" over and over, they're saying "P.O.W."

But +2 stars for repeating "A vote for McCain is a vote for Hillary!" until the morons believe it.

Well they just lost my vote.
"Nuclear weapons" are serious business, but they're actually saying "new, cooler".
So it makes for a nice semantics game for invading other countries cuz they might have "new, cooler" weapons.

At 1:52, the "O" on the banner is blocked out, making it read:


The McCain camp understands that this is a woman who can live up to a four-foot-tall CUNT plastered on the wall. She's a soccer mom, an evangelical, a bumpkin, and by god is her voice grating. The McCain ticket has turned into a joke... it's beyond me how anyone could continue to take it seriously.
Never underestimate the stupidity of the people upon which Rovian gambits are successful.

I remember watching a press conference in the spring of '04. George bush was trying to explain why he wouldn't speak in front some commission without Cheney present. Reporters kept asking "Why won't appear before them alone like they asked?" and he kept fumbling around just dying to get out of the room.

I thought "No way is this guy getting re-elected."


Sorry for missing words there


I just watched Obama's speech and then I get... this thing. It's like comparing a Rolls-Royce to an Edsel.
Well, to be fair she's only the VP... Of course, compared to Biden's speech, she still sounds like a shrill soccer mom screeching at a PTA meeting.

Spit Spingola
She's kinda boring if you forget the whole woman thing. Luckily she reminded us at the end. You really have to wonder about McCain's selection process, and when she was chosen. And goddammit I can't stand it when people say "nucular".

Syd Midnight
If you forget the whole woman thing, you think "What the fuck?"

There is one good that will come of this. If the American people choose these representatives, our country will fall HARD and in spectacular fashion, so at least we'll be entertained.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Yes, that's very comforting.

"If you want CHANGE in your government in America, well, uh...vote for us anyway!"

Helena Handbasket
Is everyone from Alaska insane/stupid/banal? Is it all the snow up there? Is it?

I feel like I'm living in a cartoon right now. I'm giving this three stars for warping my mind, but no more because 18 MILLION is an awfully specific number and I demnd citations, also this was a pretty lame speech right here... was anything said of import? Because all I got was "blah blah blah my family blah blah blah VAGINA".

Wait, she does kind of look like a sexy librarian, so one more star.

McCain dies of cardiac arrest, Sexy Librarian sworn in as President, actual name to be determined upon further research

Robin Kestrel
Then there's the fact that she is currently under criminal investigation (http://ap.google.com/article/ALeqM5gWi6yTVfPyJeiTBsQ33SSUiobt8wD9 2I9NIO0) for firing Alaska's public safety commissioner Walt Monegan for personal reasons. State Trooper Mike Wooten is is in the middle of a messy divorce and custody battle with Palin's sister. Palin pressured Monegan to fire him, which would have hurt him in the custody battle. Monegan refused, and Palin fired Monegan in retribution. Do we really need another corrupt, petty, vindictive politician? Wasn't the last eight years enough?

I know McCain has a thing for much-younger former beauty queens, but this isn't about getting a trophy wife/sugar mama, this is about who can run the country in his place.
Well except that right now it's about McCain staying in the race. This is pretty plainly a ploy rather than an actual VP choice. Also these are the Republicans we're talking about, so whether she's pretty is going to be way more important to those toothless mongs than whether she's competent.

politics guys!!111

politics gays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rodents of Unusual Size
Mmmmmmm, yogurt!
DId she seriously think this would come off as anything other than a stupid, panic move on McCain's part. I mean, her speech is LITERALLY: "Clinton was a woman and you wanted to vote for her, well I've got boobs and vag too so VOTE FOR ME!!!"

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