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Desc:David Lynch supports the PS3
Category:Advertisements, Horror
Tags:baby, ps3, uncanny valley
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Comment count is 13
kennydra - 2008-08-30

Cleaner82 - 2008-08-30
"Playstation 3: We're Kidding, You Play Games On It"
NineEleven - 2008-08-30
not good
Billie_J_Buttfuck - 2008-08-30
Cheesecake. Vagina top hat airplane.

Disco black plague shamrock.

voodoo_pork - 2008-08-30
Dark things dwell in that PS3 room.
Mother Lumper - 2008-08-30
a flaming monkey - 2008-08-30
Oh, I get it.
Xenocide - 2008-08-31
PS3: It will steal your child and make him its own.
DMKA - 2008-08-31
This was the first ad I ever saw for the PS3, and I saw it at like 2am, while drunk, alone in a dark room.

It scared the living shit out of me.
Cleaner82 - 2008-08-31
Somehow everything is scary when you're alone and drunk at 2:00 am in a dark room. If there's nothing to see, light will go out of its way to play tricks on you.

Unmerciful Crushing Force - 2008-08-31
Wait, I thought that these PS3 ads were more like Sony trying to replicate the success of its original PS2 David Lynch-run ad campaign by creating pale "WHOOO SPOOKY" imitation?

Well, even if they are indeed real Lynch and not faux-Lynch, -2 for lame.
Green - 2008-08-31
So... Sony is reduced to copying Daft Punk videos? Alright then.
Squeamish - 2008-08-31



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