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Desc:Millions and millions of tiny microscopic angels
Tags:parody, masturbation, Christian
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Comment count is 11
'Blowing Gideon's Trumpet'. I like that. But only marginally better than 'strangle the serpent'.
"I spent many long hours fighting... beating the demon"

I'm tempted to jump a few websites for "inspiration" to beat the demon my pants.
This isn't funny at all.
Caminante Nocturno
kennydra is a chronic masturbator who has lost his way from God's light.

Pray for him and his wasted seed.

The souls of literally millions of unborn and unbaptized babies are now roasting in hell for his sins. Or her sins, though the latter makes much less sense.

I wouldn't say it's not funny at all, but it's about about 3 extra minutes of not funny that drag it down.

Syd Midnight
This is something that does not require satire, as this video is less funny than an actual anti-masturbation video.
Rodents of Unusual Size
"your jonah"
"I'll be happy to give you my personal private cell phone number. That way late at night... I mean, anytime you want..."

Between a hit and a miss, I'd say.
"Beating the demon" is one I haven't heard before.
Way too long and not that funny.
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