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Desc:Better know a heathen
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:colbert, Interview, harold and kumar, athiest, secular
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4 Stars for the Clip, + 1 Star for being able to watch a daily show clip for once.
By that I mean Colbert Report or anything else on comedy central.

So who was the musical guest on Stephen Colbert Hits the Skids Variety Hour this week?
Innocent Bystander
Sadly atheists have a voice in Congress, fortunately they will never have a voice in Heaven.
Yeah, but in Atheist Heaven, they've got it made.

The Great Hippo
Oh fuck yeah, in Atheist Heaven we rock out twenty-four SEVEN!

And you know God don't hang out in no Christian Heaven. Fuck that shit; God don't want no winged do-gooders with harps an' shit. He wants to rock out with some stone-cold mother-fuckers, and he knows that us Atheists BRING THE NOISE.

This one time, right? Nietzsche showed up in Atheist Heaven and he saw God and everybody got all quiet, right? We were all like "oh shit, shit's gonna be goin' DOWN".

And then Nietzsche just goes "sup", and God goes "sup, my book still sells better than yours" and they laughed and hugged.

Mother-fuckers, I can tell you the tequila FLOWED that night.

That's a lie told by Satan to lead you to Hell. Hell is not fun, it is torment. Think of Abu Garib x 100,000,000,000,000,000,000.


I believe a wisp of stupid wind just blew across the room.

I thought I smelled something mentally deficient.

Billy Buttsex
Cena Mark rules this school

Sure, C_M, it's bad at first. Then you get used to it, and you can just have hella parties while demons flay your nether parts. It's like, you know, the weather after a couple of years.

Hell is for "people" who vote Republican.

And also like Abu Ghraib, the abuse is just the media spreading partisan lies based on the work of a few bad apples.

Those memos Satan sent saying that demons had the legal authority to sodomize Jews and unbaptized babies with fiery coals did not constitute any explicit or implied authorization of said abuse.

I for one support a smaller Feral Verment.
He's really talented. To be able to look someone in the eye and react to them so well in character is a hell of a thing.
Give her credit too. She's clearly in on the joke but still manages to keep it together.


This is one of the greatest things he's ever done.
I do intend to use "Oh, Science!".
Tuan Jim
Oh Nothingness!

Feeral Vernment
It's gone
At least we can use the 'athiest' tag to find other related videos.


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