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Desc:Dadagiri is a game show on the Indian channel Bindass. Nothing much happens after the first minute.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:Slap, india, game show, smack, dadagiri
Submitted:Dinky Patterson
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Comment count is 31
j lzrd / swift idiot

Everything about this is beautiful.
Well she started it!
I agree. You better not dish that out unless your prepared for retaliation.

Goethe and ernie
I keep watching the first 12 seconds over and over.

He did slap her with considerably more force. They was pretty much an open fisted punch. They tore off all his clothes though which is nice.
Doctor Frederick Odd
He was a disgrace to his uniform.

Harold Manchester
Yeah it's ok for a woman to bitchslap you with impunity, then have 30 of her friends attack you. It is a game show after all.


It is a TV show. He clearly knocked the shit out of her face.

j lzrd / swift idiot
By definition, that's not a woman. Women have class, grace, a soft spoken dignity, and would never resort to violence unless under actual physical duress. A sharp wit and acid tongue has always been a mainstay of a woman's arsenal; the clawing nail and smashing knee are called for situations which a woman has mistakenly placed herself in.

Also, the person with the long hair is an obvious drag queen. It's India for fucks sake.

Internet, I give you j lzrd/ swift idiot, the worlds foremost expert on what makes a woman a woman. Ladies, come forth so that this guy can tell you what it means to be your gender!

I need context. Now. Nownownow.

Why did she slap him? Why is she allowed to slap him?

I already know his response was bad crazy - a little smack on the cheek with a smirk would have made him look like a king instead of a violent idiot/sobbing man-child.

But what the hell?! What the hell was supposed to happen?

The show appears to be about snobby rich people insulting people from lower classes. These people from lower classes want to date the rich people. At least this is what I was able to glean from the show's website. A truly positive program for the new India.

another fine example of why the indian caste system of social management works so very well in so many genres

Help help, I'm being repressed!

Yeah I'm going to need some back story here.
angry indian-accented english is fantastic

Dr Dim
http://tellyzone.blogspot.com/2008/06/dadagiri-tvs-meanest-game-sh ow.html


As far as I can tell, it's a show where contestants are humiliated by "bullies" and if they somehow don't react or something they can win money. I think this guy had been teased before she slapped him which probably contributed to his meltdown.
Does "college" mean high school in India? Who gets bullied in college?

Goethe and ernie
Yeah, "dadagiri" translates as "bullying", I think

I like how surprised everyone was when he slapped her back. Well this is why we don't do that on television, people. Back home they call that a 'domestic disturbance'.
Proof that a nice, hard bitchslap knows no cultural boundaries.
Harold Manchester
His facial expression runs from "Oh shit I just slapped her!" to "What the fuck she did it first!" in like .04 seconds. I keep replaying the post-slap.
j lzrd / swift idiot
+1 for Dissection of Gender Relations.

Five stars for a channel named "Bindass"
Rodents of Unusual Size
Next on Bindass: how to tell if your donkey is not attached to a piece of rope properly

Dinky Patterson
This is how the segment aired:

Honestly, this should be a two-part video. First the clip as it aired, then the behind-the-scenes.

Oh god five stars for the noise being made at :56 or so.
I was expecting him to get an award or something. I mean, we are talking about a country that had a law against homosexual sex for more than 100 years. They're hardly a role model for human rights.
At :28 the scrambling crowd sounds like a barbershop quartet's impression of a gaggle of ducks. That made me smile. EH DEH DEH DEH DEH DEH.
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