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Desc:That really sucks, lady!
Category:Classic Movies, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Titanic, Alternate ending, why would you even film this?
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Comment count is 20
He's right.

It did.
Really terrible.
Just like the rest of the movie.

Does anybody actually like this movie?

I can't decide if this was worse or better than the original ending where she pushed the alien queen out of the ship with a big cargo exoskeleton.

another of James Cameron's or maybe the pinnacle of displays of his over-bloated ego. The guy is such a tool and spent way to much money on a subject most people either don't care about or are too young to even realize it happened.

i liked it

Fat people don't appreciate what's important in life.
hahahah. five stars for you!

I could imagine Bill Paxton slitting her throat while she slept...
"Would you like to dance!?!"
I've never seen this movie, nor do I care to.
Hideous, except for the old lady's little giggle when she actually does it. That was cute.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Wow. I always hated the ending of this movie and thought she was a stupid selfish bitch but this makes her super vindictive on top of that.
Timothy A. Bear
Third alternative ending Brock tosses Old Rose over the railing.
Spike Jonez
And knowing is half the battle.
What about that guys D&D wife?
So uh, why in this whole sequence, where there's a LOT of actors, is Bill Paxton the best one? Why did they just hire James Cameron's grandma from Connecticut to be dumb ol' lady?
So cuz he had it in his hand, technically his expedition found it. And then, technically, it was stolen by the old lady. So, technically, he can collect on whatever insurance he placed on the expedition?
Innocent Bystander
"Making each day count". I love how she does that line, like even she's aware of how cheesy and lame what she's saying is.
Man Who Fights Like Woman
This movie will remain the highest grossing film for a generation, and during this time no movie will surpass it in amount of Oscars won. This will serve to remind us of our shame.

Also, how is "Why would you even film this?" not a linked tag?
I like the other Titanic with the rapping dog better.
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