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Desc:Hope this gets more play.
Category:News & Politics
Tags:John McCain, pow, phillip butler
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Comment count is 26
pfft. whatever. POWs have no idea what theyre saying anyways.
Purple Hearts don't count. They're band aids, remember?

On the one hand, having a POW as an authoritative voice on McCain not being qualified is stupid, as there are other veterans who'll have completely contrary opinions.

On the other hand, hopefully this'll remind people that "I was in a prison camp" isn't an acceptable reason to dismiss all questions of character and policy.
The more important part, for me, is when he talks about McCain's temper.


McCain's temperament has been a serious issue in the campaign. I'm wondering if that will become more of an issue as things continue to get nastier.

Considering McCain's entire campaign consists of "I'm a POW," and "Obama's inexperienced," this hits one of his main platforms.

PoeTV = Portal of Elections TV?
How much more Evil can you get than electioneering?


Glad to see you're back Ryo Cookie.

Caminante Nocturno
Which you only complain about when you hear something you don't like.

You never contribute anything but your bullshit, drive-by, chickenhawk crap. Go suck a fat dick you miserable little piece of shit.

It's not called the Portal of Fainting Ryo.

I'm perfectly fine with cutting out videos from both sides. Like I want to see inane anti-Obama attack ads.

I just happened to complain on this one since it's around the 50th boring P.O.S you people have forced through the hopper.

It's still one million billion times more interesting than anything you could ever say or think or do, Ryo.

Rodents of Unusual Size
I agree with Camonk's assessment that Camonk is more interesting.

Goethe and ernie
So being a POW doesn't qualify you to be president, but being a POW does qualify you to decide who's qualified to be president?
Goethe and ernie
No, I'm talking rubbish there. I'm with this dude, fuck running on the basis of having been a POW. It's really cheap assholish LCD stuff, relying on the fact that nobody wants to be the dude who says "Well it sucks that you were a POW for five years, but you're clearly batshit crazy and you're barely qualified to run a country".


It's top 1/4 of the class vs. bottom 1/20th of the class, so yes. He also basically said McCain was in Pussy Camp 1968, whereas he was in the fucking shit.

He's running on more than being a POW. Its called "experience" Hey Obama go get some.
I guess they didn't tell you that talking point was no longer operative. With Sarah Palin's intense mayoral experience in play, it had better not be.

She's the bottom of the ticket and yet she has more experience than the Democrat's top.

If you believe hard enough, it will become true.

At least Obama knows what the job entails.

Oh, you mean the PTA? Or perhaps defending Alaska from Russian Invasion?
I do not believe McCain is qualified to run the PTA either. Plus it gets cold in Alaska, he would not be able to defend from Russian Invasion on account of having to constantly wear a fleece blanket and trying to find a thermostat to turn up.

My reply was meant to be a response to cena, above, but you do definitely have a point.
Hugo Gorilla
I hear there are black people who think Obama wouldn't be a good President.
Any POW crap aside, this guy still hit the nail on the head... my beef with McCain is his pandering to the religious right. He used to be that "maverick" ... a centrist in the GOP. Now he's a fucking sellout whore who will do or say anything to get the vote. Flip flopper!!
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