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Category:News & Politics
Tags:michael scott, Donuts, indian, Joe Biden
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Comment count is 27
I'm kind of disappointed that he didn't go into his best Apu impersonation.
How many babies were his kids pregnant with at the time this was filmed?
lol Apu
I was hoping for some hilarious dots/feathers confusion.
Awwwwww shit. Damn it Joe.
It's not THAT bad. It's not good at all, I mean, seriously. But uh... it's still not as bad as calling his wife a cunt, or calling the Sunnis Shiites or singing "bomb Iran" to an old... was it Beach Boys or Jan and Dean? Anyhow, as gaffes go, unfortunately McCain has utterly blown the curve for the rest of the class.

Oh, Biden is full of these sorts of gems. Expect at least ten more off-colour remarks between now and election day.

Billy Buttsex
Give the man a break

Spit Spingola
Haha Joe you goddamn idiot. Hillary had a similar gaffe to this too if I'm not mistaken. At least it wasn't as awkward as Mitt "Who let the dogs out Romney" Romney.
Secret Messiah
That would be offensive if it made any goddamn sense.
He's speaking with and indian (dots! not feathe.... oh wait that's indian women) and he's making a connection with him on common ground.

Joe Biden: the American Prince Phillip.
wtf japan
Oh God I hope so. I love that man so much.

Is this and example hoping for change or changing for hope right here?
I live and work in Wilmington, and he's actually correct. I need to have an Indian accent to even go into certain convenience stores and donut establishments.

But seriously folks, TONS of Indian guys work in the tech industry here in the credit card capitol of America*! 9/10 resumes I get are Indian dudes.

(*not including New York)
Good find - I didn't know video of this gaffe existed. Consider a comparison to John McCain:

"I hate the gooks. I will hate them as long as I live."

http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2000/02/18/MN 32194.DTL

Worse? Better? You can do the culture-math.
Man that's racist
He's a Democrat, this can only win him votes.
Janusian Soul
Who cares? At least he's not twirling around in his back yard claiming there are no black people in Alaska.
This doesn't even make sense. You need an accent to enter the store? How can you be vice president if you can't even slur properly Mr. Biden?
Honest Abe
well that does it, i'm not voting for him
Dinky Patterson
Sanjay to the entrance with the Windex.
Sanjay to the entrance with the Windex.
You think Sen. Robert Byrd (D), Exalted Cyclops in the Klu Klux Klan approves?

Yup. Everybody knows about this one. I love it though. I hope it continues to be used as some sort of attack point on Joe Biden's character. The priorities of the Republican party are just funny to me.
Billy Buttsex
any attack on Biden for this would be indicative of stupidity. I'm sick of the Democrats fighting like that, so I'll be damned if I let the Republicans slide with it.

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