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Desc:Ladies and gentlemen, the co-chair of the RNC.
Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:rnc, election 2008, short and sweet
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Comment count is 13
yeah! BTW I was kidding about the fat lady having a heart attack and the kids dying ont hat other sub of yours

yeah she was the lady that always took our wiffle ball if it fell into her yard...bitch

Sarah Pawlentichanguarezopolis Watermelon.
you had me eith guarezopolis and plucked my heartstrings with watermelon.

Holy shit someone older than McCain?
"I give you the President of the Twelve Colonies, Laura Roslin."

There's Pawlenty of Sarah to go around. Whats funny is the crowd cheers for this nomination.
You sexists are scared to have a woman in power.


Oh I see what you're doing, you're turning your party's sexism into democaradasgke4t34tsdfv


And flame war ensueth.

We don't like Palin for her stance on issues, her abstinence only education (while her daugher is pregnant with a possibly 2nd child), her stance against any kind of birth control, science, her gross incompetence, and her lack of any experience whatsoever with anything.

McCain is old, so old that 8 years (presuming he's re-elected and we're in yet another war and heaven forbid we can't change presidents during a war ala 2004) she could very well be president.

People with any sanity and reason do not want her in that position because those people wouldn't want anyone like that as president, man, woman, or Pat.

Cena_mark, I fucking love you. Seriously.

Actually, what's funny about this to me is:
1. She is the co-chair of the RNC and can't even get the damn VP name right.

2. Tim Pawlenty was who virtually everyone in the RNC, the party, and Washington insiders expected to be the nominee up until the day McCain literally changed his mind and went with Palin. So..it's an interesting Freudian slip.
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