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Desc:It's real, and it's just as ludicrously baroque as South Park told you it is
Category:Educational, Religious
Tags:gorilla, Casa Bonita, mexican food, cliff divers, puppet shows
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Comment count is 19
OMG THEY HAVE FROGGER the food kinda looks like it might suck but theres so much other crazy shit going on that i might not mind paying 20 bucks for a tv dinner -1 star for a piņata with no candy in it
Two stars for the gorilla trainer yelling at the little kids, but otherwise I have absolutely no idea why I was supposed to watch that video.

Was that "wacky"?
It gives you an insight into Cartman's mind.

The employees all seem quite happy. Are they really, or are they just getting beat up if they don't?

I knew a few people that worked there as cliff divers while in school and they enjoyed it, its about as fun and interesting as working in a mexican restaurant could ever be

Rodents of Unusual Size
That one guy really enjoys his job. I gotta respect him for getting so into it.
Been there on what was otherwise a great skiing trip. Terrible, terrible food.
Oh, you don't go to Casa Bonita for the food, except for the sopapillas! He left out raising the little flag at the table for more sopapillas, and getting your picture taken in old timey clothes, AND the underground gold mine dining room, for shame. Casa Bonita is a place you go to when your a little kid, then a place you go to when in college and you've got out of staters who refuse to believe it is real

Fun Colorado Fact: There are 3 buildings in the state that have gold leaf domes - The State Capitol, The Guggenheim Administration building at the Colorado School of Mines, and CASA BONITA. The first two don't like bringing that up.

Fair enough, if you like it. I would have been happier with food that didn't taste like cardboard wrapped in soggy brown paper.

Honest Abe
good job creeping that girl out
There used to be one in Tulsa, OK, and I think it's just recently reopened. My family always wanted to go, but I hated Mexican food as a kid and for some reason, none of the other stuff really impressed me at the time, so we only went once or twice. Perhaps I was wrong.
I went to that one when it was open. It wasn't exactly the experience the Colorado one seems to be.

One story, no pool, ~8 arcade games, and the cave was pretty pitiful. It was alright, but nothing exciting.
Everything was exciting when I was 8, and somehow Casa Bonita managed to be a lackluster experience.

Caminante Nocturno
Yeah? Well, I went to a Red Robin yesterday!
-1 for spending way too much time (and failing) at hitting on the diver
The Disneyland of restaurants. What's incredible is that South Park is usually at it's funniest when it isn't exaggerating at all.
my parents went there during their honeymoon, and brought the family there on many vacations. Used to be a hologram store nearby too. Colorado is MAAGIC!
Michael Houser
I would have never known this was real. Thank you, internet.
My... my childhood has been put up on the internet to be laughed at by strangers.

I've been there, and it is even more beautifully insane than you could imagine.
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