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Desc:A schizophrenic man writes, scores, and stars in another movie about a guy who likes eyeballs
Category:Horror, Humor
Tags:schizophrenia, Frank & Vince, pig eyes
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Okay, I'll bite. What the hell?
Vince (suicide man) always wanted to make movies. Frank (crazy guy) seems like he just wanted to mutilate pig-eyes on film.

Well, that part is obvious. I meant, the film itself. They're supposed to be a gay couple (although that was probably the awkwardest dancing I've ever seen), one guy leaves, the other one commits suicide and then the first one turns evil? It confused me. (Gloves makes total sense to me, while this seems the beginning of something else.)

4:30 lol
Sounds real familiar. Did Frank write the score for The Warriors?

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