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Desc:'Gun Kata treats the gun as a total weapon, each fluid position representing a maximum kill zone...'
Category:Classic Movies
Tags:Christian Bale, the matrix, Equilibrium, gun kata
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Comment count is 20
I'd never heard of this movie until I saw it on TV last night. I strongly suspect the story is retarded, but I was pretty stoned, so it seemed like the best movie ever made.

I wanted to make this a two-part entry, but I'm getting an error message. The rest of the stylized violence can be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zpq0qguXkEU
I think it helped getting past the "totalitarian system using incompetents dressed in silly leather jackets and bike helmets"-thing.

From an aesthetic standpoint, this is a great film - but for every wrong reason. This goes for pretty much any aspect of the whole film.

Goethe and ernie
No. Not without incident.

This film is to the Matrix as Dune was to Star Wars, i.e. so much better that it's not even funny.
It's weird, but I liked this movie a lot more before I found out that the same guy did Ultraviolet, which has to be one of the most worthless movies ever made.
I saw Ultraviolet in the theater despite the fact that every indicator pointed towards it being an awful movie. After watching the directors' commentary for Equilibrium I had come to the conclusion that this man was a misunderstood genius of action film making.

I was severely mistaken.

Dr. Lobotomy
I believe the fight choreographer/consultant overruled many of the director fruitier ideas while making Equilibrium while no one said anything when Ultraviolet was made.

I hated Ultraviolet more than most movies, I wouldn't have thought the two were made by the same guy. But stylistically I can see the resemblance.

But oh god I hated Ultraviolet so much. From an action movie perspective it's bad on an almost philosophical level, and as a drama it just... doesn't exist.

I actually liked this movie a lot.
These were kind of entertaining to watch, even if the movie is even dumber than the Matrix complete with the Fisher-Price's My First Dystopia Movie bits.
This movie got pretty unfairly underrated by a lot of people. In the third fight scene in this movie, all those guys had to die because they were going to kill his dog. Plus Taye Diggs gets his face cut off. These two facts are awesome.
Really should have been called Gun Fu.
I thought the movie to be totally unimaginative (Fahrenheit 451, Matrix) and royally stupid (fuckin gun katas??).

It was, however, somewhat entertaining. So I'll 3-star it. Flame on.
Mike Tyson?!
You call it unimaginative but this movie was in production BEFORE the Matrix.

Come on man, Omar Epps gets his face cut off!

I don't care what people think, this movie was entertaining. It came up with an idea, explored it as one would sortof expect and gave us some entertaining fight sequences. I wouldn't rate it high amongst the best or more original action movies of all time, but it's straightforward enough that I don't care.

This is basically a cautionary tale against what would happen if Scientology took over the world.
The movie was great. However, the execution of the central idea was so tragically paper thin that you could see right through it.

No, no, it was entertaining. It was also silly. That's okay.

This movie is like Orwell for retards or pro wrestling fans.
I prefer the Zapp and Roger cover of "Sense Offense", but the Bar-Kays original was okay.
This was the movie Christian Bale became known for..before The Machinist of course. I mean yeah, the plot wasn't much, but the fights scenes were just off the wall.
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