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Desc:Trailer for Dario Argento's unsung masterpiece
Category:Classic Movies, Pets & Animals
Tags:dario argento, insects, goblin, wheelchair-bound entomologist
Submitted:Goethe and ernie
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Comment count is 17
Goddamn you for making me into a pedophile, Jennifer Connelly.
King of Balls
Not consistent in quality throughout, but I think this is his most effective movie. I sound like such a fag.

Why do you think you sound like a fag, KING OF BALLS?
Because of your knowledge of Argento movies?

King of Balls
Yeah, and cause, yeah, the name, it's gay, I guess. You're right.

Oh hey Donald Pleasance a sure sign of quality in a horror movie.

That was TOTALLY sarcastic.
Goethe and ernie
Oh yeah, next thing you'll be saying Prince of Darkness wasn't great.

He played one heck of a Himmler in Eagle Has Landed

I wouldn't say masterpiece, but it's one of his better ones and one of the best of this era of Italian horror films.
A favorite of mine, one of Argento's best and most interesting.
Goethe and ernie
It's perfectly normal for insects to be slightly telepathic.
I'm going to try to work that phrase into my business correspondence today.

But *only* slightly. Never count on an insect when you need some heavy-duty telekinesis done, my friend. Learned that one the hard way...

This movie has it all.
trying to understand the trailer editor's meaning behind including the chimp scene...I guess I need to see the movie...oh, now I know why
I just won a free copy of Tenebre. I'm looking forward to my first taste of Dario Argento.
I like Suspiria better, but this is still a goddamn good movie.
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