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Desc:British version of Maury guest meets Simon. Fireworks ensue!
Category:Classic TV Clips, Horror
Tags:Simon Cowell, horrors, attitude, arrogance, x-factor
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Comment count is 31
Sharon Osbourne as Yoda.
This clip needed a lot more Dani Minogue to balance out this broad's hideous face and attitude.
You know what else needs more Dani Minogue? My bedroom.

She's chewing gum?
Spastic Avenger
Speed I think.

Textbook example of "wrecked up from the neck up."
Mayberry Pancakes
Their faces are incredible. Also what's in her hair?

I want to hear that goon sing.
I'm not British, but I do believe this is missing a Chav tag.
a flaming monkey
damn straight, you heard the man, anonymous...whoever you are.

Simon dislikes people like himself.
She did a cassette!

Britain: Like America, but Gross.
America: Like Britain, but obese.

Also, i bet she's a freak in the sack.

But you'd have to put her head in a sack before you're willing to find out.

Nevermind how many shots of penicillin you'd need.

Testicles of Doom
Do you have ANY idea what it takes to shock Sharon Osbourne?
Nobody from Cardiff has ever been good at anything.

That's right, Cardiff, I'm calling you out. Suck it.
Spastic Avenger
Newport has at least had Goldie Lookin' Chain.

karl hungus
Wow. Uber butterface.

The best part is when she tries to grab the boom mic. Repeatedly.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Can I ave a microphone, please?

*shocked silence*

33215=label for boob attached to british singin around the towns bitch with filthy attitude
A lot could be said about this one, but I think "Very baaad! Ugly!" really sums up all of that quite beautifully.
Goethe and ernie
"At the end of the day" is possibly the ultimately reality TV contestant thing to say.

Also, missing a "Wales" tag.
a flaming monkey
I never thought I'd like a chav woman, but SHE is my new hero!
I really can't figure out why it is that Sharon Osbourne is so consistently a judge of other peoples' talent.
You know what's great? She did an interview on Leno where he asked her if she would ever do a show with Simon, and she said no because she hated him since he was so mean and awful to people. Apparently it didn't dawn on her that there would be 40 million clips of her on Youtube from this show.

I can't believe nobody has mentioned the bouncer yet. He looked like a naked-mole-rat on bovine growth hormones.
He just looked British to me.

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