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Desc:Completely. Batshit.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Horror
Tags:Insane, terror, dreadlocks, x-factor, holistic vocal coach
Submitted:Fur is Murder
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Comment count is 30
a flaming monkey
She was AWESOME!
The reason this show sucks so much is because they don't pick people like this, or that other insane chav in the last video.
The reason this show sucks is because it's picking some stupid vapid pop crap. The other reason it sucks is that the two pretty girls in the middle never make out.

a flaming monkey
Isn't that what I said, except in a more vague and different way, minus the lesbian wantness?

She can probably sing, but she is too obnoxious to work with.

Oh hey, we like you. What was your number, so we can let you advance?

Oh, right. Nevermind.
Half the batshit we get on this show, I'm convinced, are actors or people out to "wipee I was on TV and made fun of them".
Do you not believe that the insane and deluded exist? I don't get it.

You didn`t get the memo? Everything on the web is faked.

I didn't get the memo but since these show seem to thrive on raw talent and batshit crazy people, I have a natural tendency to believe some of it is made up. Thus, "50%".

If I encounter twenty people in one day, chances are that at least eighteen of them are fucking lunatics. On shows like these, where tens of thousands of people audition, they have plenty to work with.

I want to see what she's like doing everyday things. Waiting at the post office, "I am NOT a NUMBER! I am a PERSON!!"
Also, the look of indignant frustration when told to stand on the X.

Frank Rizzo
Britain has dirty hippy performance artists I guess.
How not to make a good first impression.
A young Cruella De Ville deals with frustration.
Frank Rizzo
oh, and "attention whore" tag is screaming for attention
I'd hit it and quit it.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Her hair looks like old macrame curtains.
She actually seems very skilled, without knowing how, specifically to 'sing'.
This is how Diamanda Galas started.
Goethe and ernie
White people with dreadlocks should be banned.
Dr Dim
Why the hell did someone so obviously devoted to FIGHTING THE MAN in all his forms want to be on this shitty popstar show? Was she going to bring down the system from the inside?
Dr Dim

This is her.

Dr Dim
Sorry, can that be deleted? I didn't notice the contact details.

Justin Dohrmann
Fact about any kind of audition: No one wants to hear you do "everything" and no one wants to hear you ask them what they want to hear. They want your best game, whatever that may be.
I don't need to be able to sing. I have a degree!
Ariel may be batshit but she is completely my kind of girl, I know I can't have her but I do hope she found the right guy or whoever and is happy...REALLY happy.
+5 for the dracula theme
I would`ve passed her just to see where she was taking this.
I saw this... ego monster play an accoustic set about two weeks before the show aired, her arrogance delayed everyone else and she was boring as fuck to listen to. This show was sheer horror.
I watch these things for 3 hours.
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