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Desc:Meghan McCain discusses her family's military experience
Category:News & Politics, Military
Tags:war, 9/11, John McCain, Meghan McCain
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Comment count is 22
McCain; I know how to get shot down and captured during wars, and that makes me better.
I remember when people complained about the purple heart bandaids.

this big difference being that kerry was using his war service as a counter to all the right-wing "he hates thur amerika!" idiots, while McCain says "I was in a war, so I know how to win wars".

which is about the equivalent of "I was a nurse, so I know how to perform brain surgery"

Regardless of how politicized someone has made it, belittling someone's war service is pretty pathetic. I wish liberals would take the higher ground on this just four years removed from having Kerry's war record endlessly insulted.

Very few aside from the most extreme Daily Kosers are belittling his service. People are merely pointing out how often he refers to his time in a POW camp as a defense for his policy choices and mistakes and as a prerequisite to be commander in chief.

I think most people appreciate his service, and his sacrifice to turn down early release, but if anyone has belittled his service it's John McCain. He has made it into a political asset and talking point rather than allowing it to merely remain a chapter in his life that defines his character.

That's politics. How many times has John Edwards pointed out what his dad did for a living since 2003?

Obama doesn't know shit about war. All he knows is his Chicago machine politics, and going to snooty universities.

young natural born retard preaching for a geezer that has become retarded from old age.

Innocent Bystander
How about the current president (aka Best President Ever)? How do you feel about his military experience and capability of handling the war? I mean he started the current war, after all.

And McCain doesn't know shit about what it's like to be an average citizen. All he knows is his 9/11 politics, and living in seven houses.

Another Illinois politician with no military experience - Abraham Lincoln. Look where he got us.

Case in point: Ulysses S. Grant.

The Great Hippo
And one of the reasons Lincoln rocked so hard-core was that he was brilliant at managing human resources--aka, putting the right people where they belong--something that Obama's proven himself to also be quite capable at.

Actually, the whole 'presidents need tons and tons of political experience!' thing sounds kind of bull-shitty; IS there any correlation between political experience and doing the job well? I can think of a few clear examples where this WASN'T the case.

Three stars because she basically says what any daughter would say about their dad and I don't find that really damning or even annoying.

Billy Buttsex

http://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2008/president/us/gene ral_election_mccain_vs_obama-225.html
The Great Hippo
Hey, Billy. Manage to isolate that insidious 'black gene', yet? The one responsible for the fried chicken and watermelons, I mean.

You gotta keep looking, Billy. It's probably hiding behind that fuckin' gay gene. Lord knows these fuckers work together.

America is also kind of stupid.

Either way, America will get what it deserves. I have always known this.

Though I still spit on all polls.

So just to be clear, no one other than the McCain's understands what war is like. Oh, and Palin. And I guess Obama if he enlists one of his daughters.

doh, not meant as reply.

eat a dick

karl hungus
I'd like to share my DNA all over her tits.
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