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Desc:Parker Posey on the zen of fast food.
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:dairy queen, Parker Posey, Matt Moulton
Submitted:Daniel Striped Tiger
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Comment count is 29
Eh. That's really not so interesting in its own right.
God damn it. I wish I knew the context behind this that supposedly makes this a funny clip. I've never seen the movie. Curse me for living in a cave... but still. I have to wonder about this particular choice for a submission. This is only hinting at the punchline to a movie. It's kinda like when you tell someone one of those "you had to be there" jokes and it's not funny at all, yet every time it's repeated around people who were there, they're all cracking up. I mean, I guess it's funny as hell to rehash that sort of thing, but still. To the general public it's not very funny. If you were a standup comedian you'd crash and burn so hard that people would follow you out into the parking lot to beat the shit out of you to stop the insanely cavernous black hole of funny from sucking any more funny out of the world with your godawful in-joke humor. I mean, seriously. I bet what you're referencing is very funny, but you're just referencing it. You're like one of those stupid kids from the nerdy part of public school who were too stupid to take one of those running start programs and get the fuck out of there. It's like you're a nerd, but you have none of the useful talents that one would attribute to a nerd. No, you're just a sociall inept worm of a human being. So you're sitting there in trigonometry class cackling in your awkward baritone/mezzo voice about random quotes from Monty Python's Holy Grail. Everyone around you is rolling their eyes, but you and your pasty, pizza-faced, socially-malnourished friends are having a fucking ball repeating lines from that movie. "Oh where'd you get the coconut?" you ask and your friend is like "I found it!" and he's like "IN ENGLAND!" and everyone giggles so hard that someone's retainer falls out. It's pretty fucking sad, really. The teacher is looking down at all of you with such a hateful look on his face that you can tell he's had to endure at least 15-20 years of this bullshit being repeated into his ears by teenagers that don't know humor for shit. The sad part is, he used to love that movie... he really did... but you asshats had to go and ruin it for him by repeating the lines so many god damn times that it was no longer funny. He'll never find it funny anymore. All he can do is look at Michael Palin and cry.... cry like a grown man at his child's funeral. You ruined it for him. He'll die bitter and unsatisfied with the world... knowing that there's nothing he can do to patch the wounds caused by some unfunny bastards who ruined comedy for everybody. "Why... why did they have to repeat the jokes? Why did they have to repeat them so many... god... damn... times..." and he'll die choking on his own vomit. There's just no excuse for this sort of thing. Why the hell would you do this? You're not even rehashing funny jokes. This isn't even a joke. This is just some documentary about a world that I will never understand. All relevance is lost on me because I didn't see the damn movie. And even if I did see the damn movie, why would I have to see this? To remind myself of this movie? I already saw it. Come on, man. This isn't 'Garbage Day' by a longshot. This is a waste of everyone's time.

Excuse me while I go stab a kitten out of pure frustration.
Daniel Striped Tiger
So you liked it?

It kind of illustrates the vacuousness of her life and her job. But yeah, no, that's a marvelous novella you've got there.

Wow. Talk about shit I'm not going to read.

I wish I could five star this video now. God damnit.

Daniel Striped Tiger
I envy him.I wish i felt ways about things.

Hugo Gorilla
Did a OMM forum post fall through a time warp and end up in the future?

5 for effort

5 stars for your comment. No one appreciates the EFFORT you put in to justifying your one star!

Well I guess... I guess no one can jump on you for one-starring and not commenting, right? I mean take what you can get, right?

Hahaha Wow.

By the way, the clip is funny on it's own.

Okay, you know what, you gave us War and Peace to justify yourself so the least I could do is explain to you how and why you're wrong. Please excuse the paragraph breaks.

Firstly, this isn't out of context any more than any other single scene from a movie would be when removed from the rest of the movie. The scene is funny on it's own, it is very much in keeping with the sense of humour of Waiting For Guffman. It's a sort of very low-key satire.

So you sit down and write a short novel about how much of a loser you imagine the person who posted it to be, because the subtleties of the clip are lost on you. You were expecting a big punchline payoff. Being denied this sends you into some kind of raging tantrum, and you start spastically spouting off personal attacks on the person who posted it. You spend longer crafting your response than the entire length of the clip.

That is very funny.

I disagree!

i'm not going to even read whatever it is you wrote. it probably is a bigger waste of time than the clip you're wanging out about.

Some people just want a coke.

I love this movie so much.
Parker Posey used to be super-cute. At some point she got all angular and shrill.
She was always shrill, but she was cuter then. I dunno, I think I've grown more fond of her as an actress as she got older.

This one star is for Samisyosam. I didn't see this movie either, and this clip doesn't really have any comedic value by itself. Either I've seen the movie already, and remember this part, and what makes it funny, or I haven't, and it's just some southern accent chick with no punchline.

I know what they're going for, and I've seen plenty of awkward-comedies, but 39 seconds of someone talking about their job at Dairy Queen without an actual joke isn't of any interest.
Someone talking about their job at a fucking Dairy Queen IS the joke.

A pretentious and unfunny one at that.

Damn. I mentioned a star, and forgot it.
If you're going to post one Parker Posey scene from Waiting for Guffman, the deleted scene of her delivering that hilariously disturbing monologue (that she wrote herself) should be it.

Hell yes, that is a marvelous moment of fake documentary.

I always appreciate the genius of Guest films but this clip was just NOT the best of this movie..my preference would have been for "you bastard people!"
The movie is great, but not the kind of funny most people are into, I will concede. This scene doesn't work too well on its own.
Christopher Guest is one modern day captain obvious.

Fast food jobs are dull and dead-end? No way!

Dog show people are strange characters? Wow! I *never* thought of it that way before.

Jesus christ. But then, you probably laughed at napoleon dynamite, too.
Yeah man! Exactly! Exactly! We need more Harold and Kumar. You know what else we need more of? Whacky robots! That's not obvious! A whacky robot? Who's seen one of those? Nobody!

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