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Category:Classic TV Clips, Classic Movies
Tags:satire, Waynes World, Siskel & Ebert
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Comment count is 13
I always perfered At the Movies with Jeffrey Lyons and Michael Medved
Always good to have a dose of "real whimsy"
I lol'd when Ebert praised that terrible movie "The Happening".
The fat one loses all credit as a movie revier for calling Bill and Ted "Smart", and claiming to like the second one better then the first.

To be fair, saying he likes the second one better isn't the same thing as saying the second one is a better movie.

You both need to be melvined.

What the fuck was wrong with Bill and Ted? Stupid, yes, but classic stupid.

Eh. I haven't actually watched Wayne's World since I was 17, but I'd tentatively agree with most of that. Except the part about Bill and Ted being bad - fuck you SAN DIMAS HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL RULES

I did enjoy both Wayne's World and Bill and Ted when it came out. "You liked the second one, didn't you?" gave me a laugh. All and all, this review was a whimsical homage to more innocent times of yesteryear, and worked on at least five levels and appeased many age groups.

Every summer when I was a kid my family hosted a child from Chernobyl. They very rarely arrived speaking any English. I remember the first one, Vanya, loved the hell out of Wayne's World. The language barrier didn't seem to diminish his enjoyment of the picture.
I was gonna badmouth Wayne's World, but now I can't. Thanks, asshole.

Rodents of Unusual Size
I miss Siskel.
Judging from the lameness of the stories he tells on his radio show Alice Cooper is probably really like that.
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