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Desc:Meet the hottest new duo from across the pond, the Bowl-Cut Hermaphrodite Twins!
Category:Classic TV Clips, Horror
Tags:Singing, britain, awful, x-factor, the walking dead
Submitted:Fur is Murder
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Comment count is 8

They look like scullery maids from a Bruegel painting.

That being said this is going to make a career for them among all the people that hate the actual horrible music that is righteously promoted on this show.

Your initial comment is, I think, the gayest thing I've ever read. And I've read gay porn. For research. I've also read a David Sedaris book or two. But this definitely takes the cake.

Oh god they fucking sang Sarah McLachlan which is the worst.


It's gay to like Bruegel? I never knew. I have to change into my negligee and listen to my Guillaume de Machaut records now, it's getting late.

Read gay porn? Like, subtitles?

Rodents of Unusual Size
-1 star for no transvestite jokes
Man they straight up laughed at those girls. AND THEN THEY HI-FIVED.

That is so great.
They look kind of like that cowboy who, through a series of unfortunate coincidences, ended up being embalmed and propped up in some carnival's ghost train. If you somehow forced a denim jacket over its arms and then got another one.

It's sad that this isn't the most obscure reference on this page.
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