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Desc:The fall of Sonichu continues, meltdown is imminent.
Tags:creepy, Insane, cwc, sonichu, fandom
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Comment count is 18
This reminds me of Chris Farley's bit "The Chris Farley Show."

In case you're curious, which you shouldn't be:

NSFW http://i.buttes.org/http://images.encyclopediadramatica.com/images /0/0e/CWCPEEEBUTT.JPG NSFW

You really don't want to see that.

WTF... I'm sorry, but is that a festering sore !! Oh this poor dude.

Before the internets, cruel teasing usually stopped after high school. Yeah, your coworkers might have poked fun at you occasionally but now, through the glory of technology, this man can be constantly harassed anonymously for the rest of his life!
I doubt it would be as bad without the comics posted online and his mall girl pick-up attempts.

Really the teasing and humiliation doesn't have to continue. Its that he made a choice to tell us his embarrassing life story on the internet. He thought it would give him support, but of course not all went to plan.

That explains the harassment, it doesn't excuse it.

wtf japan
Uh, he's autistic. I think that absolves him some creepy though ultimately harmless idiosynchrasies. I think this whole thing has taken a turn for pure maliciousness, at which point it ceases to be amusing for me. Plenty evil though.

Since he said not to go to his Encyclopedia Dramatica page, I went to it. It's definitely worth a gander.

I don't think he's that autistic. He appears functional. I believe he uses his autism as a crutch and excuse for being such a failure.

bang to buck ratio
Right on, Cena_mark. Somebody oughta just tell Chris-chan to quit actin' like a putz.

Its not all his fault. But as I see it the kid was told he was special all his life. He was accountable for nothing. Whenever he fucked up his parents would just say "All isn't that cute our autistic son at least tried." Fast forward to age 26, his parents still let him live at home, they haven't made him get a job. They just let him act like a total tard and he revels in it.
Many tards have become smashing successes like Stephen Hawking and Helen Keller. Why not you Chris Chan?

If you read the stuff on ED about his horrible parents, it will all be revealed. It's really not all his fault, but after 26 years he's completely unsalvagable.

Sudan no1
The Fall of Sonichu: a Tragedy in Three parts
Oh this is not ending well...
I really shouldn't be finding this hilarious.
Yay for laughing and feeling like a horrible person at the same time.

Do autistic people have to wear giant glasses? It really makes them easy to spot.
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