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Desc:Charles Gibson of ABC interviews Sarah Palin. Stupidity ensues.
Category:News & Politics, Horror
Tags:Interview, Sarah Palin, Charles Gibson, beyond parody
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Comment count is 23
Spit Spingola - 2008-09-12
The really pathetic thing is that he gave her hints as far as what the Bush Doctrine was and she blew it.
simon666 - 2008-09-13
what i hate is when she side steps, and says "charlie" like she's the one making the point.

could anyone imagine having to listen to this person for four years, even as vice president? *shiver*

kiint - 2008-09-13
it'll be like listening to Dr. Laura ALL THE FUCKING TIME

Secret Messiah - 2008-09-12
She can't say yes or no, it's infuriating to see. "Do you like kittens?

theSnake - 2008-09-12
If someone asked me what the Bush Doctrine was, I'd probably laugh in their face. As if! Acting like a retard isn't a Doctrine, brah. Palin is a fucking moron, but I don't hold her not knowing that George Bush has nicknamed his flailings a Doctrine against her. I will hold the fact that she looks like a vacuous cunt against her. Fair?
Camonk - 2008-09-13
You know, I knew what the Bush Doctrine was, despite also thinking that calling it a doctrine is a bit much. Anyhow, I've got a friend who's completely apolitical and doesn't know shit. And yet he also knew what the Bush Doctrine was, like a year ago. I hate this stupid whore so much.

dueserpenti - 2008-09-12
If Charlie Gibson can bust your balls, you're hopeless. But hell, John McCain just took a whuppin' from Whoopi Goldberg.
kiint - 2008-09-13
Obama will now be subject to lacerating wordplay by Stephen Hawking

Knuckles - 2008-09-13
The pundits are saying she probably "broke even" and only lost as many votes as she gained.

I'd like to see what a bad interview would have looked like.
phalsebob - 2008-09-13
Those Sunni extremists are ok, but I'm glad she's taking on those Shia extremists.

Also, am I sitting on a pin right now?
Hooker - 2008-09-13
What a fantastic VP pick.
HankFinch - 2008-09-13
I like what's good but, you know what?, I DO NOT LIKE BAD THINGS!
bongoprophet - 2008-09-13
I'm no American and not that up to date on this ellection, but it seems to me that the ex-Hillary followers who now are going to vote for McCain because of this broad are the worst kind of people
Camonk - 2008-09-13
The more I learn how stupid, vapid, and vacuous this obnoxious, shrill cunt is, the more I hate her. I really hate her stupid voice that's like a thousand needles in my brain.

Sadly, the more stupid, vapid, and vacuous I find out this cunt is, the more she scares me. After all, Americans have proven they like really dumbass people in office. A lot of them were going, Hey I don't know what the Bush Doctrine is, either! She's like me! She ain't got time to read big city newspapers! Yeah, people are tired of Bush, but that's just because they're tired of what he did. They're not tired of him as a person. And they'll vote for another blank-eyed moron who doesn't know what shit is so they'll feel better.
RockBolt - 2008-09-13
Probably the most orchestrated, controlled interview ever, and this is the result
TeenerTot - 2008-09-13
You know what? We hate ourselves. We are deliberately hastening our fall. We will all be speaking Russian in a few years.


It's like a Wayback Machine.
simon666 - 2008-09-13
a fine movie, and a fine comment for reminding me of it.

chumbucket - 2008-09-13
mrs lundergard for vp...yay
wtf japan - 2008-09-13
Hmmm, she's powerful and she's stupid. I don't know whether to feel threatened or aroused!
Lauritz Melchior - 2008-09-13
Did she answer a single one of his questions?
OxygenThief - 2008-09-13
Like striking out in T-ball.

OxygenThief - 2008-09-13
No idea why it replied to your post. I blame big oil.

Yeah, Right - 2008-09-13
Boy that Charlie Gibson sure can keep a straight face, can't he?

Oh, and five-starred for "nucular".
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