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Category:News & Politics
Tags:pamela anderson, Sarah Palin, suck it
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erection reset by queer
Who cares
Billy Buttsex
I voted this up to show what kind of woman doesn't like Sarah Palin: has-been, washed-up porn stars with no great families, no respect for life, an ex named Kid Rock and lots of Hepatitis C.

Sarah Palin may not be the best choice out there, but she's a damn good woman. This video perfectly illuminates this.

By that logic, I could find a racist, white trash, 6th grade educated trailer dwelling pindividual to show what kind of person doesn't like Obama. After all, clearly those are the only people who hate Obama

Billy Buttsex
Well, when you talk trash about a person with good morals because of their morals, generally that means you don't have any morals. I'd rather have a hundred Sarah Palins running our country than one Pam Anderson running a business.

Obama doesn't have any morals, btw. His stance is popular because it appeals to people who don't like to hear that certain lifestyles are wrong and shouldn't be governmentally approved or subsidized, and don't like to hear that we have to honor and obey God. When people reject Biblical truths, Obama is promised to happen EVERY TIME. He's a sign of decay.

That's what I admire about the Republicans. They have the bible thumping fear based voters thinking they give a shit about a what they feel are shared morals.

Conservative Christians have to be the easiest group to pander to.
All you have to do is be against Roe v. Wade, Gay marriage and for prayer in schools and the retards will drool all over you.

Billy Buttsex
You're right: because having a foundation to base your principles on is the root of all evil. Liberals can't claim shit for basis of anything, including democracy, civil rights, or even a sound monetary system. At least Christians can understand that it's important to establish the validity of human life before you can start delegating rights.


Let's validate human life by nuking Iran!!

Hmmm...fighting the troll with words is just causing it to utter nonsense. I guess what we need here is some fire.

Sadly, Teenertot, that probably is the first item on the Republicans checklist if they win the election.

billy doesn't understand moral relativism. haha

And to pander to the left all you need to be is Pro Roe v. Wade, Pro Gay Marriage and Anti Prayer in Schools.

Or just a member of a minority group or anti-bush.

Well, technically, she can.

Even if Pamela's hepatitis hasn't grown out to be roughly in the shape of a penis by now.

Fuck if I know how that disease works.

Five stars because I'm drunk.
3 stars for having the proper sentiment, though she expressed it in the most inane manner. She'd have been better off keeping quiet and just letting the eye roll convey the message.
PeTA member being snarky towards a hunter.

+1 for another celeb going 'fuck Palin'.
Obama eats meat too you hypocrite. Well every meat but pork, as that is an obamanation to Allah.
But all celebrities pretty much hate the republican party, but fuck them. Its the real Americans who decide the election.
Is it hard being a douchebag all the time?

Billy Buttsex
Dear Cena-Mark: I agree. Almost all celebrities are no-moral douchebags.

Dear mr666,

Evidently it isn't, since there are at least two here devoted to this lifestyle choice.

Like a lot of non-celebrities, a lot of celebrities hate the Republican Party because it's full of assholes. How is that so hard to understand?

Oh, also---your little "obamanation" pun is the diametrical opposite of funny.

I hate both of them!
Hooray for someone else not wanting a theocratic control freak being a breath away from running the country.

Also, given Billy Buttsex's comments....I really hope the U.S. goes through one of those political civil wars that plague third world nations soon. I think we're about due for one. And some days...some days I can barely hold in how hard I want to beat down on people who think Palin is the bee's knees.
Billy Buttsex
Yeah: because people who don't believe in God are always going to fight harder and breed faster than those who do. You guys will break... if not for Christians, then for Islam.

Dutch Oven Fresh Pie
I don't break for either.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
I break for the orange cones.

don't care what she thinks, we already know Palin's a waste of thought anyway
Timothy A. Bear
Pam knows a few things about sucking.
Umm wut?

BIlly Buttsex's comments make me say Obama '08!

And I voted for Dubya, lol.
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