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Desc:A young soldier tells Obama why he's voting for the other guy
Tags:Iraq, hero, Freedom, soldier, veteran
Submitted:Billy Buttsex
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Comment count is 31
The guy sure knows a lot about the people of "Eye-rack."
I should note that I five-starred this because it's unintentionally hilarious.
You would think the director might think to tell him how to pronounce the goddamn country before pretending he understands its culture or the heart of its people.

i think he takes this position about eye-rack as a way of dealing with the loss of his limb. emotionally it, one imagines, would be easier to deal with knowing you sacrificed for a cause thought of as greater than one's self... if this guy admits to iraq being a mistake, then he has to cope with having a limb unjustly taken from him.

wtf japan
"God Bless the USA" is the musical equivalent of a wet willy.
I don't think he remembers why we went to Iraq in the first place.
"Freedom", and whatever the fuck that means, doesn't take into account the fact we did not go to war to promote freedom, but specifically because of the false claim that Iraq had, and was producing WMD's which constituted a "grave and gathering threat" to the USA, and also had a direct link to al Qaeda and the 9/11 attacks.

Those claims are not true, never were true, and will never be true no matter how many conservative ass-wipes parade wounded soldiers in front of the public and try to change that truth.

Oh, and by the way, if Bush hadn't lied to the American people and sent you to Iraq, you would still have your leg.
Oh for fuck's sake Billy, just get back to saluting the fucking flag and shoving the flagpole up Cena_mark's ass like you were doing.
You yelling at an obvious troll while makinga passing insult to another obvious troll.

Your tombstone will have a frowny emoticon on it.

That's not a bad idea. Mind if I use it?

"This man's headstone appears to be engraved with some sort of ancient rune--"

Caminante Nocturno
Over 3000 Americans died for nothing, and God knows how many Iraqis.

For nothing.
Corman's Inferno
Be fair, they didn't die for nothing. They died so war profiteers could afford another three summer homes.

The Snickler
How fucking patronizing that they would try to use our sympathy for a man who was sent to have his leg blown off in an attempt to gather our support for a man who would maintain a similar policy.

The boy in this ad is seriously confused, and sad.
Votes are for quality of evil in ad, not whether or not you agree with it.

How fucking patronizing that they would try to use our sympathy for a man who was sent to have his leg blown off in an attempt to gather our support for a man who would maintain a similar policy.

The boy in this ad is seriously confused, and sad.

^----- there, like that.

Someone post a vid of this fine, morally upstanding trooper getting PTSD flashbacks and breaking down in the toothpaste isle at Target.
hahahah your comment won these stars

Most of the soldiers I know think that the war in Iraq was idiotic and unnecessary.

The one soldier who thinks it was a decent idea talks about popping people's kneecaps with the shockwaves from an anti-material rifles.
Mad Struggle

Five'd and voted up in the hopper because I still haven't figured out my fellow AHMURIKENS can be so teeth gnashingly ignorant.
I figured out how ignorant they were and that they were usually willfully so. Unfortunately, I can't for the life of me figure out WHY.

Seriously, you think about that too hard and your head will explode.

America: not just stupid. Shit-dribbling stupid.

Dear mister obama,
It was a good idea to invade eye-rack. Now instead of a dictator, the people have no running water or electricity, and they can look to an uncertain future of destablized clan fighting.
Plus, now they can look forward to either becoming a target if they maintain a relationship with the U.S., or simply turning on us after we've sunk billions into eye-rack.
Yes, everyone is happier since we invaded eye-rack.
Is it just me or does he sound like he's robotically reading from a script, like all those vloggers on YouTube who type everything out then read it off their monitor?

Five stars for unintentional lulz.
Oh yeah, and I did my four years in the US Navy, before any republifag decides to ridicule my lulz at this disillusioned retard.

There's nothing honorable about putting your government before your country.

If he's only been in I-raq for twelve months, how does he know them there I-raqies are better off now than in 2002? His argument has some serious flaws.
Not have a leg, notwithstanding.

Dinkin Flicka
Following his logic, we should go into every country whose people aren't as free as ours, and either liberate them or change their definitions and ideologies of freedom the liberate them. But as said before, he's sadly confused as to why we actually went into the country, and is therefore blatantly wrong.
Dinkin Flicka
*then liberate them :(

Testicles of Doom
I once played in production of 'Hamlet' in the Iraq Theatre.
I should have known this was Billy's doing. Only he and Cena_mark are dumb enough to believe this crap. Or at least troll enough to pretend they believe this crap.
A guy who went to my high school made a response to this. He is also a Marine and a veteran of the Iraq war. It's in the hopper now.
As valid as your points are, couldn't you all have just respectfully disagreed?

Now nidan's post, that's goddamn awesome, constructive dialog. This isn't some bullshit anime issue, it's kind of a big deal.
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