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Desc:Someone needs a kick in the balls
Tags:Nintendo, sonichu, Chris-Chan, Christian Weston Chandler, high functioning autism
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Comment count is 15
That was a good one, I can hardly wait to see what the trolls have in store now that they've (re)gained his trust.

Yeah, you spoke to a female on the phone. That totally makes it real. And Shigeru Miyamoto really did email you personally.
Exactly what I was thinking.

Also, does anyone have any idea of what that black thing at the bottom of the screen that he keeps fondling is?

Sort of heartwarming. Almost feel sorry to realize he's going to have his heart re-shattered to 15% again soon.

99% sure that he is fondling a PS3 controller.

before long he might exchange it for a gun.

Chris-chan's naivete inspires us all to believe there is yet good in this world.
Hay Belly
His anus doesn't, though, not for me. Nor his gigantic nipples. Guess to each their own, eh jyrque?

Please Chris... turn off the internet and walk away.
Why do his parents allow him to do this to himself?
Parent. Dad is dead.

Christian Weston Chandler: A tragedy in three acts.
Oh god. Oh god no. It's like Charlie Brown and the football. Except like a billion times more cringe inducing.
Yeah, you pretty much nailed it there. Good grief indeed.

This is a giant bucket of sad. Five stars.
Jesus fucking christ on a popsicle!
Needs the involuntary_celibacy tag.

Jet Bin Fever
He has a "King of Wishful Thinking" ring tone?
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