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Desc:Are we being too literal?
Category:Classic Movies
Tags:Mel Brooks, Desert, Spaceballs
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Monchiles Monchiles
I've never understood why people like this movie.
People like it cause it's funny. You don't understand it because you're a mong. Did you catch how the black guys had an afro pick? And were sassy?

The movie loses A LOT of mel brook's un-PC humor in the sensored versions.

He uses a megaphone to talk to the people close to him but not to the people far away. Black guy talks like black guy... what's not to get ?

it's liked because of this scene alone

Innocent Bystander
Also didcha notice how Dark Helmet has a huuuuuuuuge safari helmet in that scene. It's hilarious!

Hay Belly
I've never understool why people don't like funny things.
I love Blazing Saddles more than anything, but just can't get behind this one.
Poor Excuse
Did the naysayers here watch this the 1st time as cynical 35 year olds? Opppennn your miiiiind (quaid)
I watched this for the first time when I was eight. Back then, it was the funniest shit ever. This has not aged well.

Still, sassy black men are always worth a few stars.

movie content doesn't age, so I have to assume that you haven't aged well

Mel Brooks has made many good movies. Space Balls is not one.
Contains my favorite one-liner in the whole movie---WE AIN'T FOUND SHIT!!

Caminante Nocturno
I wore out the VHS copy of this movie I got as a birthday present within two years of getting it.
Its got sci-fi, literal humor, dick jokes and its Mel Brooks.

That's why I like it.
Joey The Cobra
When I was a kid I thought the joke was just that they had a small comb.
Is it serious, life-changing cinema? No, it is not.

Is it a funny movie you can while away a lazy afternoon with, or an evening with mind-altering substances? Yes, it is.
this movie gave me great pleasure as a child.. thus, five stars.
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