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Desc:A world of unexplained
Category:Fashion, Crime
Tags:clown, shakira, giant hair, x-factor, fat chicks in party hats
Submitted:Rodents of Unusual Size
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Comment count is 8
I wish I knew what they were saying, but otherwise... WOW. WTF Spanish X-Factor?
Well the first judge says "very, very good" for some reason after the audition... which I would REALLY like to know the context of. It sounds like he added some sort of quip after, like "very, very good.... for me to poop on!!!!" or whatever.

Five though for the knowledge that losers with unattainable dreams and delusions of grandeur exist in all cultures. We truly are all the same, after all.

Adham Nu'man
"So, what's going on here? And why are you fascinated with Shakira?"

"Well, I admire her character, and her values. Because you know, we must appreciate human beings. For example my stuff, my creativity, my ball and my shawl, and her mom saw my stuff, and spoke with me."

"Yeah, and what did she say"

"She wrote me a check, for 300,000 pesos, and said that Shakira would help me out, and that I would get to meet Shakira in person"

"Well, let's hope so. Go ahead!"

[The hambeast does her performance]

Judge: "Great, Great, Great choice THAT song" (the song is called "una tortura", which means "a torture") "it is indeed a torture"

Dr Dim
He says "Muy muy bien", something I can't make out then what sounds like "It's a tortoise". Maybe he's saying he's figured out what he/she's pretending to be.

I kind of feel sorry for this person.

Dr Dim
haha oh shit.

tortura not tortuga.

But Spain uses euros, not pesos!

Well... I SUPPOSE it is POSSIBLE that she is from Mexico... where they DO use pesos... but it's sort of a long shot...

Hey! That's what used to wait under my bed for me to fall asleep when I was two.
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