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Category:Pets & Animals
Tags:Raccoon, almonds
Submitted:Daniel Striped Tiger
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Comment count is 24
Raccoons just don't want to work, all they want is handouts and almonds.
Caminante Nocturno
He's steaming that guy's muffin pan!
I'm 5-starring this comment.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Think they need marriage counseling.
For a moment there I thought this was Steve Sutton's house and I was really happy.
Rodents of Unusual Size
NOM NOM NOM NOM Oh hey I better thank him, I'll clean this thing and woops! Well...well...fine then! I never!
To be fair, that raccoon was being an asshole.
What? No. He's a charming scamp at worst!

Five stars for the scratches on his hand when he reaches into the almond tin.
Ah, I see what the problem is.

They have raccoons coming out of the walls.

Might want to fix that.
Here's a pan, make me some muffins bitch.

Some almond muffins.
I HATE YOU! get out! out! ...asshole!

this raccoon is the best
I smell a sitcom!
Raccoons ARE cute. If not for the rabies.
Yes, raccoons are cute. So 5 hypothetical stars there. But dipshits who insist on making "pets" out of wild animals because they crave attention from other YouTubers=1 star

But, I don't want to rain on PoE's parade, so I won't rate it.

I am so political.
Stop. Building. Ginger bread. Houses.
so much more potential here...unused
You don't feed wild animals and expect them to fuck off afterwards.
oh, come on dude, he didn't "destroy" your kitchen, I little bit of drywall and some wall paper you can fix that in a few hours. Now, if he's been chewing on the wires, you might end up with a dead racoon in your wall or if he gets to the gas lines, that might well destroy your kitchen.

also, why is the raccoon eating drywall? mmmm gypsum.
instead of a raccoon it should be a little clown with a red, red mouth.
I was disappointed he didn't coax it out with almonds, then hit it with a fucking baseball bat. Raccoons are cute, sure, but they're also vicious and don't belong in houses.

Outside, good luck.
Inside, you're fucked.
PROBLEM: animal eating home
SOLUTION: give animal treats???
I thought he was going to coax it far enough out to bash it's face in. That's what I would have done. Then again, I wouldn't have videotaped it.
I was expecting him to use one of those ropey-stick things they use to catch stray dogs on it. Lure him out with DELICIOUS ALMOND GOODNESS and then BOOP around the neck with the rope-on-a-stick. GET OUT OF MY HOUSE YOU FUCKER.
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