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Category:Horror, Humor
Tags:braces, Polio
Submitted:bakune young
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Comment count is 8
hmm. Really?
karl hungus
yes really. quit being such a fucking vagina.

so just so i am clear, I should of went

HAW HAW HAW! Stupid yellow non-walking cripple! that's priceless!

That's how a non-vag would of handled this clip?

A non-vag would have handled this clip by realizing while watching it that covertly filming the crippled is probably evil, and as this is Portal of Evil TV it therefore deserves SOME stars. Add in the factor that this video is likely serving as some sort of fetish material people are fapping to - perhaps even the guy who filmed it - and the star dam collapses in a giant earthquake of human psychological sickness.

Yeah its the sneaky filming that gets my vag up really. the other clip of the slow motion amputee is alright in my vag-eyes, because she certainly participating in the filming. This doesn't look like wierdo fap film, just a high school republican's sense of humor.

"Look at the hop-along banana over there, just dont look directly. We wouldnt want to hurt it's feelings."

And thanks for the re-education of Mr. Vagina.

last days of alan funt
I don't get it.
bakune young

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