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Desc:No matter how many times it's drilled into our heads, some guy will always forget this advice.
Tags:chris rock, strippers, cornbread, no sex
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Binro the Heretic
"Cornbread; Ain't nothin' wrong with that!"

I'm hun-gry!

Meh, I never really found Chris Rock funny, but stars for Levert.
It should be obvious to everyone not a fratboy idiot that that shitstain Tucker Max is full of shit, but the most decisive piece of evidence that his book is a work of revisionist fiction was that he bargained a stripper from 0 down to for sex in the champagne room.
4 stars for the impending and inevitable decline into Eddie Murphyesque Disney bitchdom.
"she's 12"
I like Rock's befuddled tourist taking polaroids of a stripper.
Damn this gets stuck in my head.
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