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Alex - 2006-06-24

cruel, but very amusing

oddeye - 2006-06-24

I miss chat shows so damn much.

C. Eloi Marx - 2006-06-24

"This is not funny", oh, I disagree

sudan no1 - 2006-06-24

I was hoping she'd sit back on the set and balloons would pour down like it's election night.

PrincessPeachesUnderpants - 2006-06-24

these people are straight out of a Junji Ito manga

Stupid Lisa Garbage Face - 2006-06-24

It's like Fear Factor for the retarded

Adramelech - 2006-06-24

The word BALLOONS floating over her really drives the point home, Maury.

Caminante - 2006-06-24

The montage trying to make balloons look ominous and scary is so dickishly hilarious.

xenocide - 2006-06-24

Maury enjoyed that so much. No wonder his wife's crazy.

stanleypain - 2006-06-24


Corman's Inferno - 2006-06-24

When did Chris Morris start working for Maury?

athodyd - 2006-06-25

Maury, you evil asshole.

whiskey8ball - 2006-06-25

I want to spend some time in a secluded room with Gary Coxe

Doctor Wu - 2006-06-25

Oh Maury, you're going straight to hell.

Hooper_X - 2006-06-25

Man, I have a phobia of guys who look like Gary Coxe. They're called child molestors.

bavariankumquat - 2006-06-26

wow....apparently she watched too many Prisoner reruns as a child

j lzrd / swift idiot - 2007-03-13

We had a balloon-o-phobe at my school. This makes everything funnier, years after the fact.

blackbetta - 2007-03-24

Oh, the humanity - Maury needs some humanity.

fluffy - 2007-05-06

Balloons are of the devil

tamago - 2007-05-21

*Pennywise voice* "They all float down here, Yvonne."

Gwago - 2007-10-04

What a prick. But I guess that's what makes good television.

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