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Desc:A masterpiece of Korean horror.
Category:Advertisements, Religious
Tags:dancing, chicken, WTF Korea, lurking
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Comment count is 19
And that giant chicken secretly watching from behind the sign grew up to be... the giant chicken who fights Peter in Family Guy all the time.

And now you know the rest of the story.
Thanks, I needed a Family Guy reference to make this funny

Totally, Family Guy is totally the funniest show on TV, right? Totally.

I was referencing Paul Harvey numbnuts. The chicken from family guy was just the only person I could think of for this chicken to grow up to be.

This isn't nearly as horrifying as the actual food they serve at Popeye's.

I mean how nightmarish does your food have to be to be considered the nasty version of KFC?
I prefer Popeyes to KFC. What's the matter, scared of a little spice?

Good lord you have a PREFERENCE? Who eats that shit? KFC? I will now picture you as Larry the Cable Guy when reading your drivel.

You didn't ALREADY?

Having a preference implies you eat enough Popeye's to be fat.

Well actually I only prefer Popeyes over KFC. My favorite place to get fried Chicken is Bojangles.
No I'm not fat and I what I type is more smart Larry the Cable guy would type. I would never say git r done.

BTW. When I read your text dr_cock, I picture Richard Simmons.

Caminante Nocturno
I've never eaten at Popeye's.

I never will.
Ahh, and on Friday, this backwards country will be my home. Goodbye for now, poetv.


Unmerciful Crushing Force
don't let a few thousand miles of ocean make you go away.

Hell I write this from tentacle-rape-land as we speak.

erection reset by queer
Is that a Strong Machine 2 rip-off? Despicable.
I will confess to liking the taste of Popeye's chicken but I only get it like once a year because it makes me poo funny for a couple of days.

This is still awesomely stalker-tastic.
Should I be masturbating to this?
Only if you're Cena_Mark that guy is basically ridiculous

Certainly more terrifing that a lot of actual Korean horror films.
Deep-fried chicken. Ew

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